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Wohnort: Scooterkirchen,Germany

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Mittwoch, 20. September 2006, 16:21

Siemens c 72 and Siemens cf 62
you will meet me at a scooter concert ;) be sure :thumbup:


Mittwoch, 20. September 2006, 17:25

I have good old (4 years old) Nokia 3510i. I bought it with my own money and it has been worthy of every cent.
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Mittwoch, 20. September 2006, 18:37

I've got a Motorola Razr, but lately its been pretty shitty. The front screen is broken and it keeps running out of battery really fast. :(

Maybe thats because I drop it alot...and it had a rough ride in my tennis bag.



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Mittwoch, 20. September 2006, 20:32

I made a topic like this some time ago. Maybe some moderator should join this with mine :P . But doesn't matter that much.

I have a Sony-Ericsson k700i. And it's got everything I need :wink:

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Keep in mind, we´re rocking under the same roof!

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Donnerstag, 21. September 2006, 13:22

I love my cell-phone! It´s a SONYERICSSON purple! :P


Ms. Commercial

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Wohnort: Norway

Beruf: PR-advisor

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Freitag, 22. September 2006, 15:47

The last 3 years I have had this one:

but I've just bought this baby here, and I'm waiting for the sim card so I can use it. :D
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Wohnort: Amsterdam, Holland

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Freitag, 22. September 2006, 18:21

Samsung E-720
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Freitag, 22. September 2006, 20:50

Nokia 6280


Ravenatic (DJ)

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Wohnort: Telford, England

Beruf: Radio Presenter, Music Produce & Tech Support in Moodle

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Samstag, 23. September 2006, 00:09

Samsung D500 :D

Everyone has them round here... ffs..


Samstag, 23. September 2006, 16:08

A Siemens MC 60, it's crap, like most Siemens mobiles


Samstag, 23. September 2006, 16:15

sony ericsson w800i :D

Joey T.


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Beruf: Student and 24-7 SCOOTER fan

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Donnerstag, 28. September 2006, 11:00

I've got a Sony Ericsson W800i, but I will soon buy a Sony Ericsson W950i with touch screen and 4GBs of intern storage capacity (it gets released this month)!!! :twisted:

Edit: Hey, you've got a SE W800i too, DJ Baseline!!! Wicked!!!! :D




Donnerstag, 28. September 2006, 14:36

Well, I've got Siemens M55 and Samsung X480 (or something like that). My Nokia 3*** (don't remember the number) is not working any more but Iäve still got it.

My phones are of older type, no cameras or anything. I need just the phone and SMS editor so there's no point to buy any 3G-phone for me.

But this is something I'd like to have: :mrgreen:,2241,hq_en_0_166915_0,00.html


Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2006, 12:44

I have Nokia 3200, it's a nice mobile I like it 8)


Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2006, 00:17

Another new one! I got a Nokia 7270 since the Amoi was kinda shitty in terms of quality. Pure class. I absolutely love it. Pictures do NOT do it justice at all.

- Wil


Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2006, 21:48

well...long story about my phone...I recently bought a SonyEricsson k750i..damn good phone..and after a few modifications I now have the software from SE w800 on it :P so now i have a w800 but with a k750 case :P and I love it :lol:


Mittwoch, 1. November 2006, 12:34

ive gone through too many phones at the moment i have a shitty sony ericsson one with a cracked screen ive sent back 2 motorola razr v3s coz they failed on me i want a newer sony ericsson one