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Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2006, 20:02

DJ Trance-Atlantic - Hold Me Back (Set)

Hi! :)
Glad to present my latest DJ set which is called "Hold Me Back" and mixed month ago. It wasn't accessable but now the time has come...we will reach the top! ;)

01. Sven-R-G vs Bass-T - The Sign 2006 (Shibuya Remix)
02. DHT - Listen To Your Heart (DJ Manian Remix)
03. Bass Up! - Hold Me Back (SoulTrain Remix)
04. Lacuna - Celebrate The Summer 2006 (Verano Nasty Summer Remix)
05. Aycan - Devil In Disguise (Rob Mayth Remix)
06. Central Seven - Neverland (Commercial Club Crew Remix)
07. N-Euro - Lover On The Line (Groove Coverage Remix)
08. Axel Coon - Third Base (Energy Mix)
09. Da Silver vs Deefour - Last Unicorn (SoulTrain Remix)
10. Cascada - A Neverending Dream (Club Mix)
11. Keira Green - All Out Of Love (Rob Mayth Remix)
12. United Beats - Listen, Feel, Enjoy (Tune Up! Remix)
13. Ozi meets Tom Mountain - Dreams (Club Mix)
14. Neo Cortex - I Want You (Rockteers vs Lagonn Remix)
15. The Hitmen - Energy Is You (Vocal Club Mix)
16. DJ Sledge Hammer - Sunshine (Rob Mayth Remix)
17. DJ Trance-Atlantic - Rectified Rainbow (Radio Club Mix)

Download here:
Enjoy!..waiting for comments! ;) We love these tunes!!! :o)
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Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2006, 21:59

Listening too it now man, You should of told me this was up!

Sounding awsome so far, got to "Neverland" at the moment, wow thats an awsome remix!

All is sounding wicked man!

Keep it up and keep in touch!

EDIT1: I have to say, "Keira Green - All Out Of Love (Rob Mayth Remix)" Is crap! Sounds awful when the melody kicks in... was he drunk at the time :S lol