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Montag, 22. Januar 2007, 22:11

Giving Back to The music producers of Scootertechno

Hey everyone, I have a good web hosting space. I see a lot of people hosting their mp3s on filesharing sites, and using free hosts with ad ware. I have a good plan, a lot of space, and a lot of bandwidth.

I plan on releasing only songs I approve of (my own of course, not anyone elses), and probably will change my site to be more of a community site than a single artists site. I've helped out one artist before. I have to renew my service in March, which I will probably have the money for by then.

If anyone needs to hosts their website and music, I can set up an ftp for each individual artists. It's easy, and you'll have your own hosting space, free of adware, time limits, and speed limits (some filesharing sites cap download speed). I'm doing this because I have a lot of space I don't use, and why waste it.

This is for music producers only, no one else. Anyone who has dj mixes, I'll allow one to two mixes only. No more than that, being that a lot of good mixes with good quality are around 100 megs average. There are also some rules which I am enforcing because I've seen this with previous people who I hosted songs for:

1. Mp3s and site files only.
2. No waves, if you plan on having them mastered. Get them mastered and upload the mp3.
3. Upload songs at 192kb, there's enough space for good quality mp3s.
4. No illegal software or mp3s of commercial artists, use e-mail or a file sharing site for that. If I find anything illegal, I'm deleting it. No exceptions.
5. If you want to hosts mp3s of your friends music, let me know first. I had to e-mail people about this before.
6. I will allow up to 250 megs of space for each artists. I will only allow a certain amount of people depending on the amount of hosting space and bandwidth I use. If you have dj mixes, I'll allow them separately but only 1 to 2.
7. If any of the rules are broken, I will warn you. If broken again, you'll be banned.

That's it, I might consider changing the name and layout of my site, depending on who I host.

E-mail me at for more information.
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Montag, 22. Januar 2007, 22:15

I'd love to take advantage of that service, but my compositions are of poor quality. No one likes to listen to sub-par productions. :(

Oh well. Thanks for the offer. I'm sure it will help some great artists here.
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Dienstag, 23. Januar 2007, 09:09

That's a good idea : )
I may be interested in...let me think about it!

Thank you!



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Dienstag, 23. Januar 2007, 16:00

Really very good idea.
I'll contact you about that.
Because I plan to create a website soon.