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Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009, 20:22

Automaniac Mixcomplination - Read here for infos and ideas

presents: AUTOMANIAC

Hello Guys!

I for my Part really like and enjoy the pleasures of The time always when a new Posse Drums is to be created or released. Unfortunaltely the release is not that often. (Guess its better for the PosseDrum image ^^) So i decided, that there could be another event, IF this new one is really different from the Posse Drums so that the feeling's not decreasing, when a new Posse Drums is released. I had to think a while until I got this Idea of a concept.

This Complination os open for the whole community and everyone with a bit experience is pleased to send in Traks :-D

This Project is of cause free and open. It will bot be used for any comercial case.

All the Traks on the complination are remixes of selfchosen songs. The artists will have limited choose on Artists. That means:
We all will choose now some Artists most of us know. And you can pic every song made by this Artist.

I think it will be really interessding to listen to a complete new remix of an song most of us know. And an this time i've heared a lot of music from you guys and i would really love it to listen to remixes of f.e. scootertraks with the style of someone of you guys.

So which artists would you like to remix or to listen to remixes?

I would choose them:

Above & Beyond
Armin van Buuren
Paul van Dyk
Blank & Jones
E Nomine

greetings, Delta

The Great Duck



Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009, 20:37

I can remix something, it doesn't matter to me who made the original track as long there's a midi file of it :)

But from the list...I'd like to do a remix of ATB's, Tiesto's or Buuren's track.




Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009, 21:32


i simply have to do a track for this one, so at least 2 are on it^^ i think i'll take something from Blank & Jones^^



Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009, 13:44

anyone else would be interessted?


Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009, 14:53

Yes, I think I 'll in.


Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009, 21:17

are there any ideas for other artists to remix?

otherwise we will just take this few for the first volume :-D

Gee Tee Age



Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009, 21:50

I suggest that we try something noone has ever done by now. We can try recreating other artists' music 1:1. Like I did with some scooter tracks..
Level One for example -


Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009, 22:00

Sounds very good that tune, never the less i love Level One anyway ^^
in here is a tune (Christmas kick away) which is in the first part exactly like scooters "Watch out" just with different sounds ^^

But i would like to let the Remixpossibility open, so that you can chose between a remix and a 1:1 remake.



Freitag, 30. Januar 2009, 15:12

the preperation-time will beginn a few weeks after the possedrums release.




Montag, 2. Februar 2009, 17:16

ever heard about the edit-button? mimimimimimi

ok, i'll be ready for it. i hope i'll find some midis, otherwise it will take a while i think... anyway. that's gonna be fun^^