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Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010, 18:39

acid_bomb - Her Autumnal Veins
What the...? :) The experimental synth part in the beginning
sounds nice, but at this pitch it hurts my ears :(
This song reminds me of a French Horrofilm called Inside.

When I was making the track I was afraid everyone would find the pitches too low and not sharp enough. :D Glad to see I was wrong. Oh, and never seen that movie.


Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010, 20:49

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Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010, 14:40

Finally had time to listen to this. Here is my opinions of the tracks

01. Klatschmohnm - Let's go 8/10 Very well produced with great build up and love the hard feel to the track. only bad thing is the synth for the main melody is a bit weak

02. Gee Tee Age - I've been around since the late 80's 7.5/10 Very well produced with good sound selection apart from the clap that sounds a little distorted and loud

03. DJ Flatline and Pulse - Out of your Love 7.5/10 Not my style but is very well produced with good sound selection, sounds like a track from all the Happy hardcore CD tv ads ive seen

04. PattyG - Riding the Bullet 7/10 Good track. Good structure love the vocal samples and main melody dont like the scratch

05. ScoX - Bass Boogie 7/10 good start and sound selection is too long gets a bit boring after 4 minutes

06. Delta Key - Bockscar 6.5/10 nice Pads and atmosphere but I dont like the distorted kicks. Is too long would be good as an intro

07. TecFire - Circle of Light (Clubmix) 6/10 Nice build up and feel to the track, its good up untill the main melody comes in which sounds like it doest fit with the rest of the track

08. H.T.J.V. - Dahlbo 6/10 nice build up with a great main melody but all the hats sound too distorted, very scot project like, would be ranked much higher if was mastered better

09. Todd Farenbourgh - CAMD 5/10 very cool sounding vocals, dont like the bass used in the chorus but the melody is nice

10. Firedancer - Z is Y 3/10 Very good beginning with good pads up to 2.22 when that bass like sound comes in and ruins the feel of the track, when it kicks in too much going on and dont like the sound selection

11. Alopex - Re-Equinoxium 1/10 dont like the sound selection sounds to crowded at parts, bad quality sound

12. Acid Bomb - Her Autumnal Veins 0/10 just noises. Sorry, not my taste of music

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