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Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, 14:40

The same thing seems to happen...the samples come out, everyone hates and when the album comes it's not actually that bad:

1. Not really fussed about intros, unless they're really good like WBTN/WGTLLN/TUAO.
2. Could've been much worse tbh, standard single fare with a dubstep drop instead of the usual. Like the HPV on the title.
3. For over a decade I was crying out for one of it comes and it's way too short, especially given the constant flipping between D&B/dubstep. At least they made one though :P
4. Sounds inspired by Pendulum's "Set Me on Fire", but a decent effort at (commercial) dubstep nonetheless.
5. This rips off a house tune that Radio 1 have been caning all year...but I can't remember what it's called. Not really a fan.
6. Not a fan of this Major Lazer/Afrojack etc. style either (or the choice of sample which was also used by The Pitcher this year), they'd have been better off using the length on something else tbh.
7. Always like the bouncy hard stuff, and extra points for not ripping Technoboy :P
8. Feels a bit odd at first, but it works a lot better than track 6...yeah, it's not too bad.
9. Almost a "normal" Scooter style track, but with a housier beat...still not feeling it really though.
10. This track (also a more "normal" Scooter sound) is growing a bit more on me though, but it's still only average really.
11. Again this house style works better than track 6, certainly nowhere near as annoying on the drop.
12. Ah yes, the Swedish House Mafia bit...doesn't work too badly though, and the lyrics are regulated well enough despite the short length.
13. This sounds like a case of "how many 80's disco samples can we cram into one tune", but it works quite well. Could've used more length maybe.
14. If this was UTROTT, it's positioning in the album would've ruined the flow like SOR did...but thankfully not. Another happy bouncy hardstyler that doesn't rip Technoboy = thumbs up.
15. Thankfully this trancer isn't a cop-out like Metropolis was...nice and soothing, although there does seem to be a main melody missing. But then again we had a weird structure with UWW3, and there's nothing wrong with this one either. (possibly original too?)

Overall it's better than I expected. Still plenty of cheese and ripoffs (old and new) but certainly not as blatant as UTROTT. A lot of the songs do seem rushed though in terms of structure (ie. the beats don't last very long and the HPV/chorus drops come far too quick), many would've sounded a lot better if they were up to a minute or so longer.

someone should tell these guys there's no shame in making an album that's only 45 minutes long!

Err..this is only the 4th Scooter album that's not 45-50 mins long, the first since WBTN and the longest since ATBGO. If anything, they need to be making more albums of this length instead of less. (rather than copying every other artist and releasing really short albums)
We started in 2017 we're still on the case!!!

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Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, 18:07

7. Always like the bouncy hard stuff, and extra points for not ripping Technoboy :P

I don't know if you're being sarcastic on that one, or you just don't know it but they are actually ripping Technoboy on this one. Itt's a rip off of The Hose - I Survived. The Hose is Technoboy and some other guys..




Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, 18:13

Aren't there better hardstyle melodies to ripp? Those hardstyle melodies all sound the same.


Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, 18:19

Those hardstyle melodies all sound the same.

Yeah I know, that's why I stopped listening to hardstyle years ago. All tracks sound the same :)




Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, 22:20

my review

i kind of like this album as I am a fan of electro-house and i have to admit i was quite surprised how good they fit into this genre.
furthermore scooter got boring during the last year, it was always the same song structure. A-B-A-B-A-C-A. this time they changed this structure and this makes scooter sound fresh to me.

unfortunately there are 3 really shity tracks such cest bleu, summer dream and close your eyes. cest bleu remembers mee way too much of ti sento, Ti Sento reloaded.
summer dream is the typical scooter style of the last 3 years and i am sure this track was already half produced for utrott but did not get a release.

On the other side there are really brilliant tracks on tbmu. Beyond the invsible and its a biz are the greatest and tracks i really really like. ichael simon did a good work with mashuaia. sugary dip has the best chances to become the 2nd or 3rd single.

Bang Bang club is ok but nothing special as well as Dreams is.

intro is ok, they had better intros in the past.

All in all its a good album, better than the last 2 albums (JAOTW and UTROTT)


Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011, 01:59

7. Always like the bouncy hard stuff, and extra points for not ripping Technoboy :P

I don't know if you're being sarcastic on that one, or you just don't know it but they are actually ripping Technoboy on this one. Itt's a rip off of The Hose - I Survived. The Hose is Technoboy and some other guys..

heh...just like with the original Jump that Rock eh, ripping off his alias groups :P
We started in 2017 we're still on the case!!!


In Rave We Trust!

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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011, 02:00

ahhh just herd the technoboy song and noticed the sample, i hope we dont see another written complaint, however, i wonder if this song was kinda half produced within the UTROTT era due to its sample, or if the samples was a planned sample for UTROTT, but never got used, kinda the same feel about summer dreams too

also agree with longer album, i always wanted to see more and this time we get it,
and i agree with scooter doing DnB again, i too have been waiting for this one


caffeine addict

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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011, 14:04

anybody else thinkin that the utrott hardstyle is way better produced, regarding autotune, effects etc?


Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011, 14:11

I think UTROTT is really better than the TBMU and it's the best Scooter album after TSTE


Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011, 14:26

when it comes to production, TBMU is miles ahead UTROTT, imo...
talking about variety and music genres, it's 10.000 miles ahead..
when it comes to taste, it's different thing...


Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011, 14:52

when it comes to production, TBMU is miles ahead UTROTT, imo...
talking about variety and music genres, it's 10.000 miles ahead..
when it comes to taste, it's different thing...


In Rave We Trust!

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Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011, 01:54

agree in ways, i like TBMU, but i do also think the hardstyle was better worked on UTROTT

Dave From Sheffield

Volvo. A car you can believe in.

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Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011, 13:58

You want my review? Well...

Probably their worst Intro. 0/10
02.David Doesn't Eat
OMFG! How can my favorite band make something like this? It's pure s.hit, I'm so f.ucking disappointed. Where's the Scooter power and energy? Somewhere else, I can tell you that. Together with Jumping All Over World this is their worst single! 2/10
Doesn't give me anything... 3/10
04.Beyond The Invisible
I H-A-T-E this type of music. 000000000000/10
05.Sugary Dip
The first track on this album worth listening. I actually like this alot, has a nice spirit and love the chorus. 8/10
06.It's A Biz (Ain't Nobody)
Not sure about this. Guess it's ok. 5/10
07.C'est Bleu
A happy jumpstyle/hardstyle tune, the spirit of the last album is still here. 7/10
08.8:15 To Nowhere
Really liking this one, the original by Vicious Pink is great! 8/10
09.Close Your Eyes
It's nice, nothing special. 7/10
10.The Only One
OK but most certainly not their best work. The video is somewhat stupid. 6/10
11.Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
To put this short, c.rap. 1/10
Hate that other guy and H.P. has some lyrics from older tunes. 5/10
13.Bang Bang Club
This ain't bad, some disco stuff. 7/10
14.Summer Dream
Has the positive spirit. 7/10
Now this one rocks! 9/10


So there you have it. Only a few good and worth listening to tracks. I am disappointed. Where's that back to the roots stuff they were talking about? I hate dupstep. Maybe next time better!
-the only and official finnish Scooter fansite incl. the biggest Scooter-collection in Finland-


Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011, 14:42

Ok finally my review

1. David Doesnt Eat

-One of the better tracks on the album, but the bassdrum on the dubstep part could have been more powerful. Great verse > chorus here though.


2. Dreams

-Actually my FAVORITE track on the album. Really intricate production/edits. Some of HP's best vocals in a long time. Really reminds me of Never Slow Down.


3. Beyond The Invisible

-Great HPV/Vocals. REALLY great verses and cool dubstep part. Not a lot to dislike!!


4. Sugary Dip.

-Great melody, good verses, great production and GREAT breakdown/chorus. This is some good old scooter. Hope this is the next single


5. It's a Biz
-Also, for me, a contender for next single. HP's vocals are TIGHT on this, and the melodies work great. I think this is the only track on this record where the electroy dance part really really works.


6. Cest Bleu

Dreadful. Cool verse melody, but thats it. This is really terrible.


7. 8:15

Dreadfully boring. Skip


8. Close Your Eyes

- Ok with this track I am going to start talking about missed opportunities. GREAT lyrics after the chorus at 1:30. THIS is classic scooter, very 1st chapter sounding. BUT boring arrangement, and the first verse melodies and lyrics are strange. Could have been a scooter classic.


9. The Only One

-Meh, not my favorite. I even like the Only Club much better. That would have fit better on the album


10. Sex Drugs.

- Another missed opp. GREAT verses.melody with GREAT melody breakdown is ruined by a really annoying electro part. They could have gone electro and made it more melodically interested and added a C part. Lazy. This could have been a BIG one.


11. Copyright

-One of my favorites. Great verses and electro stuff. Cool lead melody. BUT boring arrangement.


12. Bang Bang Club
-YES. So so good. Really reminds me of my time clubbing in underground 80s clubs in NYC just like they meant. Great atmosphere


13. Summer Dream

-The worst piece of garbage in scooters history. 0/10 This is so so bad. The HPV is more like HIV.

14. Mashuiaia

-MISSED opportunity again. Add in a big melodic breakdown and you have one of the all time best scooter tracks. Otherwise now you have an OK one. Too bad.


Overall could have been one of the BEST albums in scooters history. Marred by laziness and poor arrangement. Too bad...

overall 7/10.

MUCH better than UTROTT or JAOTW or TUAO or WGTLLN though...


Ninja Stewart

Gentleman of the decade

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Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011, 22:15

1 COPYRIGHT IS FOR LOSERS= A standard intro, nothing more or less. 6/10

2 DAVID DOESN'T EAT = I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me. It really needed an extended mix, it will always be one of my fewest listened to singles because it doesn't come with the full range of versions and that is very disappointing. 7/10

3 DREAMS = For me, it's already a classic from Scooter. Vintage chorus, banging melody, quality shouts from his Lordship, a powerful and well produced track, one of the easiest to listen to on the album. 9/10

4 BEYOND THE INVISIBLE = I liked it straight away, despite the random noises, which have grown on me. I like the experiment and I like the bass in the track. The additional verses are bizarre but fit perfectly, the whole song is a masterpiece of musical fusing. 9/10

5 SUGARY DIP = I just wasn't prepared for the speed and power of this one! Absolute tune, the lyrics fit the melody perfectly and the HPV is sweet but thought provoking, very well produced and a deffinite candidate for a single release. 8/10

6 IT'S A BIZ (AIN'T NOBODY) = My least favourite track on the album now, I can't really get into it because house isn't my thing, I think it will grow on me in time because I like the sampled chorus but the noise in the middle spoils the effect of the song for me. 6/10

7 C'EST BLEU = This album's equivalent of Ti Sento, but this is a much bigger tune, I knew from the first note of the intro that it was going to be one of the greats on the album and it doesn't disappoint. The French chorus fits perfectly, my 2nd favourite on the album. 9/10

8 8:15 TO NOWHERE = tThe weakest of the instrumentals on the album for me, it's the one I'm going to listen to the least because it is a bit of a filler rather than a floor killer. It has a nice beat and a catchy melody but it's nothing special for me. 6/10

9 CLOSE YOUR EYES = tThe comparisons to I'm Lonely are a long way wide of the mark for me, not even close. This is a bit of an album track and I won't ever go straight to this track when starting the album. I like the HPV though. 7/10

10 THE ONLY ONE = Reasonably standard on the album, not the best track but not in the group of worst either, I think it's a catchy single but it doesn't really stand out as being one of the all time classics. 7/10

11 SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL = Disappointing track for me, it is too standard, a little bit like The Only One, I think the ordering of track numbers was a bit significant on this album and this was always going to end up being a closer rather than an opener. 6/10

12 COPYRIGHT = Catchy tune and I like the additional vocals though I'd like them more if I could make out what exactly is being said... I like the beats and the melodies but too house for my liking. Good variety on the sound though. 7/10

13 BANG BANG CLUB = Complete and utter BANGER.It's the only word. Best track on the album as far as I am concerned, I love the use of the samples in the track, the power, the beat and the melodic vocals... proper tune of the highest order. Scooter classic. 10/10

14 SUMMER DREAM = Always makes me smile, such a lovely HPV and brilliant shouts from HP too. Top tune and deffinitely one of the best 5 on the album for melodies and shouts combined. Quality production and one of the most single-worthy tracks. Might be another classic album track though. 8/10

15 MASHUAIA = I don't think it's up there as being worthy of a single release, but it is one of the better instrumentals in recent times from Scooter, a proper trance tune which grows and grows upon your soul until you're humming it in your head whilst watching football... 8/10

16 FRIENDS TURBO = I wonder how happy Scooter are with their decision to rehash an absolute classic? I'm not sure it really worked because it didn't really have the epic power and emotion the original release had, and it's only tacked on the end of the album. 7/10

The album overall is extremely listenable and I will be playing this one loudly for a long old time to come. Another epic album by Scooter, full of classic individual songs and a collection of different sound, beats and styles. It's not where you take things from, it's where you take them to. 8/10

:love: 8) 8o


In Rave We Trust!

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Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011, 22:40

some nice reviews here, but i cant see how people say close your eyes and sugary dip are HPV, id again go with my high notes rather than pitched voice,

i see the female parts as natural high vocals not pitched


Hungarian fan

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Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011, 00:06

@ kelvo:

I totally agree. I can hear high pitched voice only in these songs: Summer Dream, Friends Turbo. I think of the vocal parts of course, I know that we can hear also for example in David Doesn't Eat some pitched voices. :)

I don't speak English very well, so I can't write detailed reviews, but I have listened to the album 3-4 times, so here is my opinion:

I like: David Doesn't Eat, Sugary Dip, C'est Bleu, Close Your Eyes, The Only One, Summer Dream, Friends Turbo
Not bad: Dreams, 8:15 To Nowhere, Bang Bang Club, Mashuaia
I don't like: C.I.F.L., Beyond The Invisible, It's A Biz, Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll, Copyright :cursing:

The best track is Friends Turbo - but if it doesn't matter (because it is a bonus) the best song is C'est Bleu (Nr.1), Summer Dream is the 'second' best song (Nr.2). :thumbsup:
The worst tracks are Beyond The Invisible and Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll. :thumbdown:

I have ordered all the three versions of this album but I will not listen to them often.

The megamix is awesome! :) I will listen to it with pleasure! I am just looking for the extended version.



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Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011, 20:57

My overall impression of the new album isn't good, but I require several listen throughs on any Scooter release to get the feel and even more listenings to get into the minds of our trio (whatever their current line-up). Maybe the album is better than I initially thought?

01 C.I.F.L - The intro has been used on many Scooter albums to set the tone for the release. In this case, I feel a very strong Commodore 64 vibe with this track and the album overall. SID Player rules!

02 David Doesn't Eat - H.P.'s voice is re-modulated in the fashion of current American pop radio. I hate current American pop radio, terrible generic sound to every song with the voice going up and down a fake scale. Dave from Sheffield doesn't need this to sound good.

This is an okay track that does not annoy. But it doesn't jump out, either.

03 Dreams - Finally Hans-Peter Geerdes' voice comes through without alteration. He doesn't need it!

The techno side sounds like a bunch of kids playing with the keyboard at the local electronics store.

According to the Wiki entry, Dreams samples the 1980 single 'Reality' by Richard Sanderson. Sanderson's voice is so smooth, I could almost wish they hired him to be the High Pitched Voice (HPV) for this album. No modification needed!

04 Beyond the Invisible - The Happy Hamster dance was over before it started. Why is this considered something that improves this track? Any track? Sounds like someone is playing the old Williams arcade game Defender or Stargate during this one.

The High Pitched Voice (HPV) fans remember from 'The Night' and 'Nessaja' is long gone, and this replacement sounds cheap and silly. This track did give me a laugh, hearing the HPV modulated like the current trend. "They modulated the HPV! LOL" Would that be a double enhancement?

The song ends with the sequencer having a power surge, making one wonder if the stereo is broken. Yuck.

05 Sugary Dip - Over-modulated HPV. Doesn't improve the song. Terribly over-produced, this song would be a stand out track if it was less cluttered.

06 It's A Biz (Ain't Nobody) - I've never heard a song beg you to steal from the band before. This one tells you to listen to the bootleg, and the opening track says "Copyright Is For Losers (C.I.F.L.). Whatever. I bought this album, why tell people to bootleg it?

The worst part of this song is an extended sample from Chaka Khan. This makes it sound like one million other techno tracks out there, generic and undifferentiated. Scooter is not Tiesto or Armin Van Buren! I like Chaka, maybe 'I Feel for You' would be a better sample pick. But this is not what I listen to Scooter for. This sounds like everybody else.

07 C'Est Bleu - A fun jumpstyle song, one can almost see the Sheffield Jumpers hopping around on this one. Unlike Chaka Khan, the French vocalist sample sounds fitting. A good track, although these jumpstyle tracks tend to sound the same after awhile.

08 8:15 To Nowhere - A real risk to title a track similar to the masterpiece instrumental 'Trip to Nowhere'. As one would expect, this track fails to measure up. The first two minutes are promising, then at the 2:05 mark, the DJs don't know what to do with it and make a bunch of noise.

This one will improve with the passage of time, so I'll keep it on my playlist.

09 Close Your Eyes - Great opening on this one. Then the over-modulated HPV starts up, ruining the song. HP could have handled the vocals on the whole song. The DJs really need to have someone else listen to these tracks and ask "Does the HPV super-modulated voice add or detract from the song?"

This song doesn't sound too bad, I can hear a number of elements from their better efforts on previous albums.

10 The Only One - The most familiar to my ears, as I bought the single. I actually prefer the extended version of this track. The music video helped me like this, I always picture the hot women banging on the drums for this one. Also loved the KLF mention "We are justified and we are ancient, right?"

The best song on the album. That's not a good thing when this was released long before the rest of these tracks. It's still the best track, so kind of a let down.

11 Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll - Really sounds like this was mixed on a Commodore 64. That's not a bad thing, it is interesting to hear old-school mixed with the new Millenium. The generic female vocalist on this song does not help, wish they deleted her from the final mix or gave her something better to sing do.

The DJ mix on this one really does not sound up to Scooter standard. There are many talented DJs out there with some interesting sounds. This is not Scooter quality.

12 Copyright - Opens with a horrible guest rap. Cannot stand rap on any Scooter track. I actually converted my "Behind the Cow" to WAV files just to edit out the Fatman Scoop raps, then re-encoded them so I wouldn't have to hear him. And I still cannot stand to hear that guest rapper scream on "Maria", sorry.

This track would have made a good instrumental with a little more work. It feels rushed out, like much of the album.

13 Bang Bang Club - Generic bass drum booming through this one. Scooter goes beyond disco by putting some variation in their tracks. At least, previous Scooter DJs did that. This is what the current Scooter DJs turn out, generic and uninteresting techno with the same beat throughout. Boong boong boong, boing boing boing. Are these the only drumbeats in the world to these guys?

Hamster voice HPV not adding to this one. I guess they figure they needed the HPV on every song to cover for their DJing.

14 Summer Dream - The HPV starts up very annoyingly. Did I mention this new HPV (new as in newer than Nessaja) is one of the most horrible things to ever be put on an album? And we have to hear it seemingly every song.

I really wish the current Scooter DJs would go to work on the next Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, and let HP hire some new DJs for the next album. The HPV has never sounded more dated, silly, and pointless. "La la la la la", indeed.

15 Mashuaia - The stand out track, worth the purchase of the album. Near the end it sounds like the HPV wants to come on, then someone drowns the chipmunk. Good job!

Longest track on the album, I wish more of the album was like this and less 'poppy'. Best instrumental of the album!

16 Friends Turbo - Made for a movie soundtrack, didn't see the movie, didn't see the need for the track. A nice inclusion, but not something I'd play twice. There are a lot of Friends remixes out there (several released by Scooter themselves) that sound a lot better.

Overall: So there are a few good tracks. A few more listens will be required to see if these last to become great tracks. But most of the album sounded rushed and generic.

The worst thing I could say about the album is that they made a real effort to make it sound like everything else on the radio. Why? No one asked Scooter to make another Kei$ha album.

What the Album Didn't Have: I would have liked some more longer instrumentals. But this team has real trouble putting those together, so most of the album is 3-1/2 minute pop tracks.

H.P. Baxxster: HP sounds fine on this album. I would have liked something from his pop background again, like 'Second Skin' from the past album. His voice does not need computer modification, as almost every track here mangles his voice. No reason!

The Techno Side: What made me a lifelong Scooter fan was that the techno arrangements sounded like nothing else on the market. From 1995 onwards, you can look at every bit of techno music out there, and it all sounds the same. The same monotonous beat through the entire song, little creativity, and a generic 'techno babe' singing about how much she loves you even though she's too hot to date the DJ.

Scooter was different because you could appreciate the incredible depth and variations through all of their tracks. The drum beats would change, they'd skip around, slow down, speed up. These extra touches that I value from Scooter are missing from the current DJs in Scooter.

For the past few albums, it has sounded like a couple of kids who just figured out how to use the bass on the sequencer, and just jump up and down and clap when they make it go "Boing boing boing". If you've heard "The Question is What is the Question", you've heard most of the future beats from this same team.

Scooter set the highest standard in the world, and the current team is not even close to reaching that pinnacle again.

Final Analysis: We need more DJs, this effort sounds rushed out the door, and like the rest of radio. HP should go drag Ferris Bueller, Jay Frog, and Axel Coon out of retirement. And I'm not saying fire anybody. Why does Scooter have to be a trio? Have four or five DJs! and give us the Scooter we know and love. :whistling:


Acid Save Your Soul!

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Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011, 21:48

I'll make it short:

CIFL - Well YAI (Yet Another intro) - 4/10
David Doesn't Eat - Nice Beats, classic refrain, HPV DDE doesn't match - 7/10
Dreams - OK - 5/10
Beyond The Invisible - AMAZING™!! Probably the best Scooter-Track ever!!- 10/10*
Sugary Dip - Party Animals again... a bit boring - 6/10
It's A Biz - Second best track, though 20bpm more wouldn't have hurt - 8/10
C'est Bleu - Well, I don't like Vicky Leandros .... - 5/10
8:15 To Nowhere - The part between ~3:20 - ~3:50 should be way longer - 7/10
Close Your Eyes - the first 25 seconds sound like some older Scooter track (can't imagine right now --- the chaser? trance atlantic? Dunno) - 5/10
The Only One - Well, OK - 6/10
Sex And Drugs And Rock'n'Roll - Again too slow - 7/10
Copyright - Sounds pretty good - 7/10
Bang Bang Club - OK - 6/10
Summer Dream - lalalala ... Shut da fck up - 0/10
Mashuaia - pretty nice - 7/10
Friends Turbo - Well, I prefer the Jeyenne Mix of the original release - 5/10

David Doesn't Eat - Eric Chase Remix - not much varation compared to original, still somehow better - 8/10
Friends Turbo - DnB Mix - Cheap, just cheap - 0/10
The Only Club - This track is better without shouts - 7/10

Megamix - haven't listened to it, personally don't need it. - -/10
DVD - superb - 10/10
Postcards - 8/10
Necklace - -/10
Poster - -/10

Overall - 7.5/10 (comparions: UTOTT: 5.5/10 - JAOTW: 6/10)

* Nope, that has NOT been a joke! I'd love to have an ASYS Remix btw :D

Edit: Is C'est Bleu really ripping "I Survived" from The Hose? (I couldn't believe this, as this was the worst track produced as The Hose, ever). Ah and Hardstyle melodies are just as much as always the same as trance or whatever are ;)

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Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 06:24

my quick review after a 1 week listening:

1/ CIFL - average intro - 5/10
2/ David Doesn't Eat - That should be a single that will help the album to sell: nice beats, trendy autotune lyrics, great chorus- 7/10
3/ Dreams - don't like it, really not my style - 5/10
4/ Beyond The Invisible - the HPV chorus is horrible, really!! Except that, i like this song : great music, great lyrics "HP vs the HPV" : ): it's trully a great track except the Enigma's Chorus.- 8/10*
5/ Sugary Dip - Probably the next single: great melody and lyrics and i like HP's voice without the GB mic- 8/10
6/ It's A Biz - From 1min48 to 2min20 it's quite horrible but apart from that, a great track again. HP's lyrics are nice, the chorus is great and once all parts are together at 3min10, it's wonderful - 8/10
7/ C'est Bleu - a cheesy track: Yes!! i like ;) .... - 7/10
8/ 8:15 To Nowhere - an instrumental track at least : ) Again, from 2min05 to 2min40 it's awful. Apart from that when all parts are mixed up together, it's very good but not unforgettable- 7/10
9/ Close Your Eyes - Chorus is great such the trancy melody but the bassline is not very powerful. HP's part are not so good on this one - 5/10
10/ The Only One - An excellent chorus but overall, this track is average - 6/10
11/ Sex And Drugs And Rock'n'Roll - average, i don't like it - 5/10
12/ Copyright - Suprising soung, great bassline, lyrics, powerful track - 8/10
13/ Bang Bang Club - Second instrumental. OK track - 6/10
14/ Summer Dream - the chorus is a little bit annoying but it's a funny track so, - 6/10
15/ Mashuaia - The last track from the album, pretty weak regarding some of the past jewels: soultrain, mesmerized or some b-sides. The beginning of the track is great though until 2min. 5/10

An OK album but : great lyrics on this one, i like the different tracks' style: inspiration at best regarding the 2 last albums, HP's voice is full of energy.Great job guys!