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Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2005, 18:04

Hey Tiger...thanxx 4 so much nice Words!
Hehe...a Scooter-remix on one of our Traxx???
Would be interesting but i dont think that i have so much money!
We make more Electro-Dub but u are right, on some Traxx we use a familiar Style like Einmusik...but mostly we do Dub! 8)
Thanxx for downloading our Traxx...i am glad that the Techno-Heads here are very open minded! 8) :D

P.S.: I know Röyksopp, i love this Music..great Act! 8)
In 2012 the criminals will say: "I've downloaded illegal music because i had a bad childhood!" :(
MC A.H.s mother told us to share everything when we were child!


Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2005, 22:36

Hey Joey Tiger, i also loooove Röyksopp! So they have a new album coming soon? I remember i bought their "Melody AM" in spetember 2001! :D
By the way, what part/city in Norway do you live in? I'm from Rogaland.