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Dave From Sheffield

Volvo. A car you can believe in.

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Dienstag, 14. September 2010, 20:27

I have listen the album and.. I don't know, for me there is not much good tracks. Sorry to say but perhaps this is the worst Posse Drums so far :(
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caffeine addict

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Dienstag, 14. September 2010, 20:35

i dont know many episodes but 4sure this time there's a lot of ...... .
the winter edition e.g. was definitely better.


Dienstag, 14. September 2010, 20:48

Thx for getting involved, Imre.

All i was saying was NOT, that i expect from everyone top class reviews, i don't care wether a review is good or amatheurish. It would be nice, if at LEAST the producers, who ALL expect reviews can write one or two sentences about each Track, what they like and what not. Is it to hard to say, what you like?

Further more i sayed, that i was trying to write really good reviews for the posse drums, because everybody likes to read long reviews about his/her track. But i don't want to put so much effort into this, if lots of other producers give at least a tiny little bit of the writing efford back. I also like to read reviews.

FURTHERmore i was not wining about the fact, that my other tracks got ignored
I just tryed to give you a basic understanding of my point of view:
It's a giving and taking, i write a review, i get a review. But that's something that works only in uthopia or somewhere else.

Imre -SP-

aka. DJ Flatline

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Mittwoch, 15. September 2010, 15:06

It's a giving and taking, i write a review, i get a review. But that's something that works only in uthopia or somewhere else.

You hit the bullseye. Gotta live with that. As I said, I got used to it long ago. Can't hate the ppl for being like that.
[ Scooterfans With Attitude ]


Mittwoch, 15. September 2010, 22:46


This way you make yourself dependent to the others and the way I see it this is wrong.
You don't make a review as "award", you do it because you like it and you want to say what you think.
Fully agreed.

You write a review if you want to give your opinion, NOT to "award" anyone... :rolleyes:
- moments lost and time remains -


Freitag, 17. September 2010, 10:18

I'm just happy I got some positive reviews.. its always fun :)




Samstag, 18. September 2010, 02:13

Actually I've got to admit, that I like the writing and reading of the reviews more than the process of producing itself. And Rochen: Really (!) nice track, but a lack of sounddesign and major techniques (which can be learned :-P ). However, expect my revriew this weekend. Will probably be the same kind as the last ones... And whatever you say, I LOOOOVEEEE the TecFire - Awesome Sounds thing. Maybe dissonant, but more than trance could ever be ;-) and I 50% produced it.


caffeine addict

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Beruf: shrimp catcher (it really kixx ass)

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Samstag, 18. September 2010, 10:06

well, i keep excited for the review & to hear which "major techniques & sounddesign" you could mean.
however my track only is'nt EQed correctly (because i produced it on my laptop.. no monitor-speakers) but actually thats all.




Montag, 20. September 2010, 16:37

1.) acid bomb

nice and atonal intro. cool vocals in the background, nicely delayed. harsh mainsynth, really blowing.

2.) astleray

good track, but really mind-blowing leadsounds and things like sidechain compression are kind of missed. starts off fine (nice crash thing :-P), but after that it is like one constant line without real breakdowns. the sounds are kind of retro, but changing a saw with a square wave is not that big of a deal. same for the gate patterns. the piano in the end is a very nice idea, but not really my cup of tea. mixing is ok, especially if you didn't use any good earphones / headphones or speakers with more than 3 inch of size. bassline and kick could have been more intense, though. no comparison to some other tracks on the compilation.

3.) craig sim

nice pad. very nice drumline in the middle. the vocals could have been filtered a bit better, but still are pleasing. at the end there is a little mistake as they stop.

4.) DJ Kuon

intro is not the best on earth, but that's a hell of a kick! nice panning at the vocals, but the synthwork is not the best. Sounds a bit... smeary to me in some parts. the arp or plucked thing starting around 2:15 is pretty cool. all in all a bit too much distortion for me.

5.) DNJ

Very nice Soundset! Well-structured. Nice panned pulsesynth after the first breakdown. Bassline gives a nice feeling to that. The Rides numb the track a bit... Imo the only real weak thing about this track.

6.) GTH

Awesome sounddesign, insane bassline, good mixing. nice verse part! This track really makes my desk rumble :-P I don't know if the bassline is supposed to do that, but I like it. nice ending part.

7.) Ramland

nice track, but the kick is not loud enough, while the bassline could use like -1.5dB without a problem. Nice slicing and using of the melody. Pads are... don't know, they fit, but aren't special. nice melody after 4:10. the part around and after 6:30 is well done.

8.) Mr. Slug

Ah, yes. Nice startoff, well-structured. Not my cup of tea, but VERY well produced. Seriously, this could get released without a problem. Sounds and mixing are good, catchy beat, the kick kicks like a kick should kick (hehe), nice modulation of the theme around 2:30. Really good track, keep on doing that, you're good at it!

9.) PattyG

Sounds like the classic breaks out of FL Studio. Reminds me of Apollo 440, but they are better. No comparison to some other tracks here I think. The title might fit, but mixing and synths could be done way better, especially in the chorus part. We are in 2010 now, so all the techniqual advantages can be used. Look at Rochen's track, it's not perfect and produced with sh!tty hardware, but the mixing is still better.

10.) Raiju

sounds very amateurish. Kick and bassline rumble, though. the mainsynth numbs the track, the melody isn't that bad after all, but the synth is. the part after 3:00 sounds better, but the unliked synth comes again.

11.) TecFire

Nothing to say to this tune. I did half of it. If you like this one, wait for the Clubmix. If you don't like it, also wait.

12.) The Vale

nice beat. synth and melody are kind of neurotic to me. very retro, too, but no automations or sidechains can be heared. sounds more like a 'huge preset party' (thx 2 rambourgh for this phrase, it rocks). keep on it, watch tutorials on youtube and learn from them. there is nothing better to do, look at Rochen, I gave him the same advice. Now he is doing really fine, but acting like a douche.

13.) Todd Farenbourgh

nice and modern and maybe progressive trance track. nice bassline, hatline, percussion. some leadsynths are a bit too neurotic to me, but it is very well produced, too. nice harmonics, actually the second best harmonic stuff on the episode I think.

Sorry that some reviews are very short. I seriously needed to work for school, If anyone wants further assistance, maybe I can spare some time for you :-)



caffeine addict

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Wohnort: St. Petersburg, Hannover

Beruf: shrimp catcher (it really kixx ass)

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Montag, 20. September 2010, 17:04

at first thanx 4 the review.

you know, its less about "mind-blowing leadsounds" than melodies!
a bad artist is not gonna paint an awesome picture only if he has the right colors! and this principe also works the other way round.
what do you mean by sidechain-compression (compressing frequenzies or a lead?)
i must admit that i'm not really into compressing but without its also ok at first.
btw: there is no square at all ;)
if you mean this piano in the outtro, i've done it in 1 minute.. was kinda too lazy to insert somethin special in there.
and you're definitely right, mixing of this track is just wicked.
there's gonna be a reworked version soon.

however, apart from EQing my track is the best one on this compilation.
on "" this track had reached #3 in the trance section, so theres no doubt.




Montag, 20. September 2010, 22:48

Its all about great melodies and great sounddesign. Not only one of those


Dienstag, 21. September 2010, 09:14


Thx for the Kritiks... <<<<CLICK!!!!! DO IT its MUSIC!!! <<< MY YT CHANNEL! with MORE!!



Moscow Posse!

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Mittwoch, 22. September 2010, 18:38

Where can I donwload the recent edition of Posse Drums?

Wickedpedia - many interesting facts about Scooter and their career. It's a project of Only Russian version available.

Scooter Planet @ Facebook




Sonntag, 26. September 2010, 15:29

at the first page there should be some links. and i am sorry patty, i hope i didn't make you cry about it, but there sure is a lot of stuff to improve. and always remember: everything I didn't mention must have been pretty good so far.

and rochen... your track is not the best one. neither mine (or ours, but it's close), imo the best ones are Powershot and Las Vegas. And please... before you claim being the best, get it. seriously. this is for your own good, because you are making a total fool out of yourself writing like this. I don't mean this as an offence, just trust me. furthermore, GTH is totally right. it is about the sounds aswell. do you think "we no speak americano" or "Bromance" would have been that kind of success, if the leadsound would have been slightly different? No, they wouldn't!

I said it and I say it again: I don't want to offend you. I just want you to realize, that your track is produced very amateurish (but sounds good :-P thats something different) and that the leadsounds are, what this is all about. At least in nearly any EDM style. And, this is really important: Compression is one of the most important things in EDM! seriously! sidechained compression got the thing, that makes trance trance actually. You know, the offbeat gate in bass and lead sections (and noise, and, and and ...), it's mostly some sidechaining. Channel Volume, Treshold, Gain, also you can sidechain (or trigger) delay feedback, reverb, whatever you like. I would like to explain it all to you, but you have to stop acting like a douche for that. Your choice.

I need to get to work again. There are some ad-texts which want to get online... Of course on Sunday, when else should it be done.


MC Dave

Section 1

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Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011, 19:18

Mr. Slug - Powershot (Single)

01. Powershot (Radio Edit)
02. Powershot (Extended Mix)
03. Powershot (Trancestral 'Jump-Up' Remix)

Cat.: HS 025S
Genre: Dancecore / Handz Up! / Commercial Trance / Jumpstyle
Label: Horizon Sight Records

OUT: 01.07.2011

*taken from "Posse Drums 2010 (The Summer Edition)"


commercial teaser ===>>>

Brooklyn Bounce & Section 1 - Make Us Bounce (Incl. Axel Coon remix) | Download
RAVE ARMY - The United Bass | YouTube