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Montag, 27. September 2010, 16:00

How to create a great Gee Tee Age track?

1. Steal a great melody - search your memory for the best melodies out there that you have heard and COULD be adopted and played by an electronic instrument and will still sound nice (because if you take Dire Straits - Money For Nothing's main hook it will NOT sound good, played by a square synth)
2. Play the stolen melody with a clear and beautiful Main Lead and try to make it not sound cheesy, dont use overused sounds. maybe try taking a popular sound and give it your own twist
3. Give that melody a proper support - fill the whole soundspectrum with clear to hear frequencies - you need a deep bass, nice pads and additional but not engaging instruments - they just give the bassline (which contains the fundamental notes) a boost and drive, carry the main melody above them. Than in the high frequencies you can put some thin high-octaved instruments (like the ones Darude used in Sandstorm, that sounded like small diamond rain) to contribute to the whole experience
4. Make it sound epic make it sound like a celebration, make it carry a good vibe along with it
5. CONTRAST no automations, no snare rolls, no effects - just start the beat with the new bassline and some gorgeous sounds thrown in the mix, something pumping, but smooth - you want your track to please the ears not to deafen people. Scratchy and sharp sounds are bad for the listener. Avoid putting hard kicks that sound like you are knocking on the hard wood floor with a metal stick. Pick smooth sounds.
6. Add more elements here you can put some automation if you like, or you can just start the next 16 bars with the new element added. To make it more dramatic you can pick one instrument and let it play in 1 octave higher than before.
7. Repeat the Magnificent Melody but this time put something else underneath it, so there is more variety
8. Repeat the Pumping Beats part - people gotta relay on having that same taste and good experience again. Here you can put some new elements on it, again to have more variety
9. At some point, have an unexpected Melody with an Unexpected Instrument to start playing. The more melodies - the better. But its got to be a nice new melody, not an average one
10. No hi-hats, just mellow percussion hi-hats are annoying and engaging
11. Instead of snares, use some hypnotic synth or a banging sound its much more original that way. I like listening to the BD and the bass not interrupted by other stuff
12. Put White Noise in and Automate it so you mask the lack of automations and effects automations and effects are for people who dont know how to create nice melodies or sounds and just want to compensate that fact
13. Sidechain EVERYTHING you possibly can at some level to the kick - its great that way.
14. The less compression - the better - let your mix "breathe". Loud tracks annoy people's minds and tire the listener's ear, so in the longterm people just get tired of playing them without even knowing what the reason is
15. Use elements of other genres or mix two genres in one track have a strange chorus/breakdown from any genre you want and put the trance or house verses and pumping parts to fill the gap there. Use rock and metal tom rolls. Use progressive rock song structures.
16. Put a good name on the track - dont use things that all the other use, like "elevation" or something related to space, dreams, feelings and all those abstract stuff. Make a statement of some kind or just use a nice city's name
17. Behave like an idiot on the forums so people start ignoring you for your horrible personality - yeah thats the core of being a Gee Tee Age




Montag, 27. September 2010, 19:45

So you're copying the Scooter way of working? :P




Montag, 27. September 2010, 22:14


So you're copying the Scooter way of working? :P
Actually, Scooter's whole music production philosophy is taken by the letter from The KLF's book "The Manual: How to be number 1 at UK Pop charts"




Dienstag, 28. September 2010, 09:47

Yes sorry your name is The KLF. You are following the KLF way of working. My mistake.




Dienstag, 28. September 2010, 13:23

This tutorial made some things clear to me now.


Dienstag, 28. September 2010, 13:38

Automation is really important, I dunno where you got the idea that it isn't...




Dienstag, 28. September 2010, 17:09

I know.


read the topic title again.

Gee Tee Age tracks DONT include automations at 98 % of the time