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Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 09:37

It's easy for me. Worst Scooter-Album since years, perhaps ever. In each second you feel that they were searching
for a new "style" or direction. The most disoriented album for me. Furthermore I don`t like that rap parts in soo much songs.
"Mashuaia" is one of the better. But I guess they will not have success with Album and Single.. The good point on that release
is the addition of "Stadium Techno Inferno" and the "Megamix".


Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 13:59

Hey Posse, hope to see some better reviews on for these items:



There are enough "bad" reviews - do sth., posse! :thumbsup:

It pushes the sales a lot.
...don't take life too seriously!


Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 14:03

Hey Posse, hope to see some better reviews on for these items:



There are enough "bad" reviews - do sth., posse! :thumbsup:

It pushes the sales a lot.

who gives a sh!t?


Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 14:07

amazon is the main platform for selling cds online. I heard there are people who take care of such reviews before buying..(not me or so)
...don't take life too seriously!


UK Posse

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Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 16:19

Here's my review:
CIFL - pretty good for an intro. I especially love the atmosphere the second half of it makes. 7/10

DDE - Love it! The chorus fits in very well, and I really like the auto tune effect on HP! I think it's brilliant how they are experimenting and the outcome is super. I can really feel the Scooter spirit when I listen to this :thumbup: 9/10

Dreams - Not bad. I prefer more heavy drum and bass though (Stuff like Noisia) so I haven't really listened to this track much. But I do love the drumstep style parts in the fills. 5/10

Beyond the Invisible - I love the female vocals on this so much. Can definitely hear some Skrillex-y influences here, but unlike that sort of music the high end on this track isn't overly piercing, which is quite nice. Very good track! 9/10

Sugary dip - Don't really like this as much! Seems too fast, and I generally don't like the chorus. 4/10

It's a Biz - My new favourite Scooter track! I love the dutch house style so I am so happy Scooter have tried it out! HP sounds very fresh in this, and his vocals just lift the track. They chose a brilliant track to sample and it just goes so well. I especially love it towards the ending of the track when it drops and all comes together - would be an epic moment in any live show! The pumping white noise just gives another dimension to it. A track I could see rocking festivals for years to come. 10/10

C'est bleu - Don't like this either. The chorus is alright, but I think the melody just sounds random and in my opinion doesn't really fit with the track. But I do love the line "Talent imitates, genius steals" :thumbup: 4/10

8:15 to Nowhere - First minute or so of this track is really boring, but after that it's brilliant! I love the build up and the drop! Another dutch house style track which is good! 8/10

Close your Eyes - HP sounds quite different in this - but I quite like it. Female vocals in the chorus are very nice, and the main melody is very nice! Very nice outro too. But, it is way too short! 8/10

The Only One - Needles to say I love it! Was brillaint when they played it at TSTI. 9/10

Sex & Drugs & Rock n' roll - I love the message in the chorus! ;) I like this one quite a lot too. Can imagine would be another track that would be brilliant live. 8/10

Copyright - Nice! Love the guest rapper and the main melody is brilliant! A very pop house kind of sound to this, I think it would do quite well as a single. 7/10

Bang Bang club - I love this track apart from the plucky sort of lead that comes in around 1:24. Very nice groove to it. I love the retro pad/strings in it though. 7/10

Summer Dream - Do not like! The HPV really does not sound good, but oddly enough I imagine that this would go down quite well at live shows. 3/10

Mashuaia - Don't really like it, but don't really dislike it either. But, I do love the weird female vocal kind of thing that comes in at like 3:30. 5/10

Friends turbo - I prefer the original version better if i'm honest, but I like HP's new shouts in this one though. 6/10

A great album I think!

One big downside for me though - Not enough 303! :P

Very fresh album, I think it's brilliant.

The Chaser

Where The Beats Never End...

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Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011, 17:54

My review can be found HERE! :)
We don't need a knife, we don't need a gun...all we need is Scooter and some fun! :)


Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011, 20:17


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Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011, 23:29

My review now:

1. C. I. F. L.; there have been better intros
2. David doesn't eat: crazy bombing C-Part; chorus is not anthemic, but still catchy; great intro - 9/10
3. Dreams: nice mixture of Bomfunk MCs' style and dreamy chorus, only the synth melody is a bit too "nice" and soft - 8,5/10
4. Beyond the invisible: nice experimental track, complex "Nintendo" sound, the rap battle between HP and the hpv is a nice, but on the other hand a bit childish-sounding idea - 8/10
5. Sugary Dip: nice track, but chorus has been overused by other dance artists during the last few years and the electro-like synth disturbs a bit: 8,5/10
6. It's A Biz: has much potential with a few changes for a single version; the album version lacks of a special part and some parts are too long; but nevertheless: I would have never dreamed that Scooter were able to prouce such a "round" black-house track - 8,5/10
7. C'est bleu: bomby! happy and uplifting melody, great chorus and an energetic HP. Enguarde! - 9,5/10
8. 8:15 to Nowhere: nice instumental, but a bit too simple and monotaneous - 8/10
9. Close your eyes: nice trance synth, emotional chorus that makes you dream, pushing verses, but. the end is already there when you expect to listen to the C-part - 8/10
10. The only one: very good verses especially because of the drums and the "doubled" HP-voice; but: the chorus can't decide between a house and a "Always Hardcore"-like chorus and each part of the chorus standing alone is not catchy enough - 8,5/10
11. SASARNR: Nice track, but I miss a special part and the inspiration by DJ Antoine is too obvious - 7,5/10
12. Copyright: special part(s) is/are missing again; and somehow the bass is not really bomby in this track, it's a bit too "flat"; but nevertheless : good track with nice rapping chance between HP and the guest rapper/the sampled rapper - 8/10
13. Bang Bang Club: good "big city club" atmosphere with cool samples - 8,5/10
14. Summer Dream: uplifting, but the hpv gets on my nerves, it's a bit too childish and monotaneous - 8,5/10
15. Mashuaia: good atmosphere, but I miss some kind of anthemic main melody or sth. like this - 7/10
16. Friends Turbo: good remake without bigger specials or new aspects - 8,5/10

On the whole: 8, 3

+ big package (16 Tracks, Megamix, Inferno etc....) espcially with the fanbox, but the Megamix is not as good as expected - producing a megamix based on less, but better selected and combined singles (or even albu tracks) would have been better
--> + 0,2 (with a better megamix it would have been +0,5 as maximum) --> 8,5 --> good-very good album


Actions have reactions, so don't be quick to judge, yeah!

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Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011, 18:12

Here's my review - PART 1. I'm just going to focus on the album itself for now.

1. C.I.F.L. - This intro gives a clear warning as to what to expect. It's like a hiccup of the new sound they've been experimenting with, that your speakers will have to face in a few moments - like it or not. ;) It's not a massiv, epic intro, but album intros rarely are. I find Scooter's concert intros much more epic and breathtaking. I showed the intro from the Inferno to friends who don't even like Scooter or have any special meaning about them, and guess what they all said? "Wow...!!! OMG!!! I would like to be there..." and they seem to envy me for having been there. :D I'll give this intro a 6/10 for intros (not as a "song").

2. David Doesn't Eat - And BOOM. There it is, the newest single from the album. This song is cool, but I'm not sure it was the best choice for a single. It could be a cool album track, and the "A Walk In The Park" sample wasn't the best idea either. The pace and tempo of this song is shifting all the time, takes a bit getting used to. The beats and style is completely new for Scooter, as we all know. - 7/10

3. Dreams - YES! This is great. This sounds like good old Scooter combined with brand new. The Drum'n'Bass formula may seem a bit old, same with the use of the chorus, but they mix it with some completely new elements like dubstep sounds and other details. It doesn't sound like a quick production. It's also much better than the original, as is the case with most of Scooter's cover songs. - 9/10

4. Beyond The Invisible - Great album track. Once again, completely new and fresh for Scooter, and thank God for that, we need to hear Scooter's creativity to remind us how great they really are, and that they're not "stuck on replay" with jumpstyle and hardstyle. This is a good song to hear when you're not feeling so good, for whatever reason. It fits to a slightly bad day, but in a good way. Music has the potential to get the thoughts away from depressive things and to, in this case, how much great music is out there. The very end of this song, however, is a bit over the top. It's intentionally sounding like a broken record, but it could be half the length, with regards to our ears. ;) - 8/10

5. Sugary Dip - Dance, with some house elements, this one is really good. This has a single potential, but I think they should replace the "squeezy" synth sound with something completely else, more melodic and massive. Other than that, the track could be as it is. The female vocals here are beautiful. I'm so happy Scooter didn't choose to "HPV" these vocals, like in that ugly, cheesy dance song from a few years ago. I actually hated this chorus because of that song, but hearing it sung like this makes me completely love it. 2:27-2:40 is a great detail in this song. Don't remove this for a single release, please. It will make people go wild on the dancefloor, I can imagine. - 9/10

6. It's A Biz - And here is what I think should've been the next single actually. A bit more to the point in the beginning, maybe a few added details on the first verse, and the first female part should remain like it is, including when her voice becomes a part of the song, it's so awesome. I do have a personal vision for the single release though: After H.P.'s second verse, something even more massive should happen. Added synth, a surprise, something trancy. Combining it with the female vocals somehow. In that way Scooter could put a bit more Scooter touch on it, so that it stands a little out from similar club songs today, but just a little. Something for the fans, that hopefully also the masses will love! I miss the surprises in Scooter's songs, like the massive synth part in No Fate, the sudden crowd in Call Me Mañana or the "circus" music in F*ck The Millennium. So a completely massive trancy part in the middle of this song, would be great, something building on the synths in the background of the "Ain't Nobody"-part! And let's not forget that H.P.'s vocals sounds great here. Without a doubt his best rapping vocals in the history. I almost didn't recognize him at first! - 9/10

7. C'est Bleu - It's so good to hear H.P.'s clear voice again, allthough a bit more "smoked up" and darker than before, but he's still sounding fresh and cool! I like the musical part of the C'est Bleu chorus, but I'm not so very keen on the female vocals here. She sounds... a bit too old... They should at least tune down the "D", "R" and "S" parts of Vicky, as they're kinda hurting my ears when listening in a headset. But overall, this is a GREAT Scooter anthem that will make us fans co crazy at the shows for sure. It will be massive as the next single (it's more or less confirmed - even though I would like to see It's A Biz as a single too!). This is one of the few tracks from this album which contains the real, recognizable Scooter energy! - 9/10

8. 8:15 To Nowhere - I really didn't like this the first few times. Sounded too simple and easy. But I like the way it progresses in the beginning. The REALLY bad part is that ugly, short synth line towards the end, that they unfortunately repeat several times, leaving a really bad overall impression after listening to this song. But I like the first break and the build up from there. When the music continues after first break, it's some ugly house/club sound which is loved by DJ's everywhere these days. But then again, the break comes once again, making the track better. And music after second break is much better, even though we still have to hear that house/club synth. Only too bad, like I said, with that UGLY short synth part repeatet towards the end. OMG, listening to it now, it just doesn't fit in here, sounds misplaced and out of tune. Far from the best instrumental from Scooter. - 5/10
Find out what you cannot do... And then go and do it!!
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Actions have reactions, so don't be quick to judge, yeah!

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Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011, 18:14

My review - PART 2:

9. Close Your Eyes - Most things are wrong with this song. The H.P. shouts are completely annoying, the female chorus sounds like pop/R'n'B HELL. And the synth that follows is like another version of The Only One, but less massive. What were they thinking here? Reaching out to 14 year old girls? If this gets a single release I would be really disappointed. - 3,5/10

10. The Only One - This wasn't for the masses, allthough it was massive. The beats are heavy and kicking good. Synth part is awesome, allthough the overused saw synth is here again. The Extended rocked at the Inferno, and I get goosebumps while watching the recording. This has grown on me since its release. - 8,5/10

11. Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll - Annoyingly long title. Obvious house elements from the beginning. Female sounds similar to Rihanna or some cr*p like that. This is bad. Synth part making me feel like throwing up. H.P.'s trying to be some kind of black dude? - 2,5/10

12. Copyright - Rapper dude making it sound like it's not Scooter until H.P. abuses his own lyrics from She Said. He sound like he's actually losing this "battle" compared to the rapper dude. He's sounding like he's trying to convince us that "he's rocking to the rocking to the rhytm of a groovy", while sitting in a wheelchair - compared to this other rapper dude. If Scooter produced this for another artist I would forgive them, but H.P.'s vocals doesn't fit here with this other rapper. Must be the first time I've felt like this in a Scooter song. Synth melody is also cheap, and this song is a complete filler, totally unnecessary. - 3/10

13. Bang Bang Club - First minute is OK. "Synth" parts? God, I hate this. I hate it! And the female part? I'm afraid she's going to puke at me through my speakers, she sounds sick! This has no chance compared with a much better 70's influenced track by Scooter from the 10/10 album "We Bring The Noise!" called "So What'cha Want?"... I won't think of you, b*tch. I will rather skip you alltogether. Please shut up. - 2/10

14. Summer Dream - So this last part of the album has been rather disappointing compared with the first part. But not anymore, I laughed so hard the first time I heard this, and I felt Scooter were finally back after torturing me for a while. Now, some might say that Rick's helium voice is torture in itself, but IMO this finally shows that Scooter still have a good sense of humour. I mean, what other band would even consider making something like this and putting it on an album?!??!? And I love them for it. This is the Scooter I love, allthough maybe not the best track. But at least this is a reminder to have fun and not take life too seriously. This is pure fun and good times, haha. - 8,5/10

15. Mashuaia - Finally some trance. The only true trance piece of this album, but unfortunately, like I read in another review, this is a missed opportunity. This could've easily been way more impressive. But it's still relatively good. Part from 1:24-1:54 is really good, but then it emerges into something completely monotone, fitting well into todays house and club scene, unfortunately. It doesn't come near Trance-Atlantic or Soultrain or even Way Up North, or most other Scooter trance instrumentals in general. - 6,5/10

16. Bonus track: Friends Turbo - Might not have been the best idea to put this after the trance closer, it doesn't fit, even if it's regarded as a bonus track. BUT, this is a great song, with good old fashioned Scooter energy that you just don't hear these days. I think it was sporty of them to remake this song in its old - but updated - style. I would really not mind a few massive happy hardcore tracks on the next album, just for fun. Like they did with Dutch Christmas or All I Wanna Do. - 8/10

(17.) (Bonus track: Stuck On Replay FULL Extended)?!?!?? Where the F*CK is it??????????

(18.) (Bonus track: Stuck On Replay FULL Club Mix)?!?!?? SAME AS ABOVE!!! God damn it!

Summary: The stuff on this album that's good, is really good, IMO. It's fresh and new, catchy and well produced. Basically the last part of the album doesn't live up to the first part. This is not an album where I can truly enjoy each track, and honestly I skip some tracks alltogether, which I normally don't have to on a Scooter album. On UTROTT I only skipped See Your Smile for instance, and sometimes album versions of TSAMH and SOR. And while I'm allready on a sidenote I can say that i like JAOTW because of the same reason I like Summer Dreams: It's Scooter having fun. For me it doesn't represent their best quality, but they were in a "flow zone" and leveraged it. As for TBMU they went a bit too poppish and experimental in some aspects, but something good also came out of it. What I really dislike is the house, club, r'n'b and disco influences. The dubstep and d'n'b inspiration worked better than expected! I'll give the album a 7,5/10, and if I pretend some songs aren't there, it would easily be a 8 or maybe even a 9/10 (at least with a few more good songs replacing the bad ones).
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Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011, 19:44

Good reviews, guys... After spending some time with the album, I'll finally write my review. I try to be a harsher critic than usually, although I'm still giving out tens... ;) So, on with the show...

1. C.I.F.L. Better than the previous two intros... Already shows that this album is going to be different. Somehow menacing. The reversed voice is funny. 7/10

2. David Doesn't Eat Liking the vocal effects and the organ-like synths, but still disliking the "David Doesn't Eat" stuff. Not so fond of the Walk In The Park sample either. Like the HP scream. The c-part is great. 8/10

3. Dreams One of my favourites in a long while! Really surprised me when I heard the album for the first time. Loving this song. It's dreamy, somehow. Love all the effects and sounds, there's a lot happening. I also like how this song is a bit mellower, not every track needs so much bass. Loving the lyrics. 10/10

4. Beyond The Invisible A bit harder, more experimental sound from them. I love the MC battle with this high-pitch voice. I think it's a great idea, which not many band would dare to use. :D Good HP again. Like the way that snare gets gradually faster. 9/10

5. Sugary Dip Not the biggest fan of this "have you ever been mellow" chorus, but HP voice is good. Liking the "bidi bassline" part. The song sounds good, but nothing extra special. 8/10

6. It's A Biz Total club material. Like to see HP doing different kind of vocals, the lyrics are good as well. The chorus is great, as is the way it becomes a melody. Didn't see that coming. Should've been the first single... 9/10

7. C'est Bleu I like the guest vocalist's voice, I think it has character. The song itself is uplifting has some great moments and sounds good, but it's not that catchy. I can't remember how it goes, after hearing it. Heh. :D But I think it'll be a great live, and hopefully the single version they'll make will be shaped somewhat. Oh, and I love the low-pitch sample. 8/10

8. 8:15 To Nowhere Sounds good, but not that special. Nothing else I can say. 7/10

9. Close Your Eyes Love the HP voice, there's a kind of urgency to it and to the sound. But that mood doesn't last that long, when first hearing this I hoped this would be more in that style. But it's an alright song nevertheless. The chorus is not bad and the "second" background chorus is great, the "slowly slipping away" which becomes stronger in the end. 9/10

10. The Only One I liked this back when it was released and I like it still. Can't go wrong with the 303 and I think this has some great drum sections, too bad it's the only song on the album to have this kind of drums. I like the "yeah" chorus. I'm surprised that I'm giving this 9/10, but I guess I just like it that much -- even if I don't listen to this often. :huh: :D 9/10

11. Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll I hate this title! And don't like the song either. Nothing special, and the chorus just irritates me in some irrational way. I hope it won't become a single but knowing my luck... HP lyrics are good and done well, and they raise the score by one point. 6/10

12. Copyright Love it! Perhaps my favourite from the album. Sounds unlike any club song I've heard so far, really liking the sound in this. The drums, the bubbling bass, everything! Sorry to say, the guest rapper (who is he? Mike? Jens? :D) has better flow and words than HP, but then again HP's no rapper. That's not to say he isn't doing good work as well, I love his parts as well, they're well-done and catchy. It's also interesting that it's totally their own work without sampling and stuff. 10/10

13. Bang Bang Club Another big favourite. Great atmosphere and melodies, I'd love to hear this in a club -- where I think it'd do well. This just sounds so great. Dis-co! 10/10

14. Summer Dream HP vocals are good, the high-pitch is infernal. I hope I won't hear it live. It's annoying, sure, but as said, nobody but Scooter would make something like this. The song itself sounds good. 8/10

15. Mashuaia A good ender. As has been pointed out, lacks a kind of central melody, but I don't mind that. Powerful, solid club sound. 9/10

(16. Friends Turbo Actually, now, I quite like it. Even if I still think that it shouldn't have been released as a single. :D But it sounds good. 8/10.)

Overall, I think it's a great Scooter album, and already one of my favourites. Have to say it isn't at all what I was expecting, and that's good! It's varied, more experimental and noisy than what they have ever done, but it's all good in my books. There are many effects and sounds, some lasting less than a second, that I really like, but can't really describe in my review. And the sound quality is great. This might not have as much bass as most of their albums, but I'm neither here or there about that (could also be my sound system's fault). Looking forward to the tour next year... :thumbsup:


Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011, 21:27…howViewpoints=1

add your reviews on, posse!
...don't take life too seriously!




Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011, 23:15…howViewpoints=1

add your reviews on, posse!
published my review there today. :-)


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Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011, 02:44

already done, i was one for the first, as always, i like to give it a head start and boost if you know what i mean


Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011, 03:09

I'll wait for a while, I need more listening.
- moments lost and time remains -


Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011, 09:14…howViewpoints=1

add your reviews on, posse!
published my review there today. :-)
great, I wanna read it :)
...don't take life too seriously!


Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011, 12:13

I like the new additions especially dubstep's everything else that's wrong with this album.

The HPV is best when used sparingly. When overused, you sort of know what the next song is going to sound like before you hear it. Also, so many pointless stolen choruses. It's no wonder both of these things contribute to Scooter's stereotype. It's not that they are necessarily bad things, they can work. But when they're done all the time it comes across as formulaic.

For single release, these things are fair enough. The people who buy singles these days generally don't buy albums and so why should they care if something is too experimental for them? For albums I expect a bit more variety.

Making money is fine, but it does seem they are wasting their talents.


Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011, 12:25

Those are some of my thoughts too.
- moments lost and time remains -


Donnerstag, 3. November 2011, 23:01

I am here for the very first time and I gotta admit it is nice to be among all Scootah fans. :) Hello, hello! Good to be here, good to be here! Hello! :)

To say anything about this new album, I’d like to start with some flashback, but not to complain about the past that’s gone but also not to take everything new as it gets either. I’ve ran thru all your reviews and i’ve found that some of you have compared this new stuff to their last 3-4 albums. And that’s what I would like to start with.

I am not a sound desinger or anyone like that to be an expert, I just enjoy (or not) what I hear. It took them two long years to release TBMU and for some reasons it may be a bit better one than those jumpstyle-influenced UTROTT and JAOTW. But I was looking forward to hear (in 2011) something like TUAO that is for me one of the best Scooter releases. If you are thinking of variety of genres on TBMU then let’s go back four years and see how it was done.

I am totally not into rap music, but there is a hint of it in Behind The Cow and it really works well – not too much of it, sounds more like another sample than a regular ‘singing’ and that’s fine for me. Take another one – Does The Fish Have Chips? – with some nice heavy guitar (although I also listen to heavy metal music and this is not even close to being heavy, but for electronica fans it might be) and some breaks that reminds of Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’. And for those who say that 90’s are gone – this is late nineties but in the middle of what you call – The New Scooter. So how is that, huh? Not to mention classy Lass Uns Tanzen, and the very next one that is one of the finest progressive tunes, that Scooter actually wasn’t really too keen to release. And one of my favourites – Imaginary Battle. We can say that everything is borrowed and that’s how Scooter always was. But there is something else with those guys that I’d like to explain with this particular track. It is not the peak of the peaks, but... in the middle of this track there is that slowdown, single beat and there goes the piano alone, followed by ‘heavy’ guitar, this slowdown again and the explosion of all the layers combined with some great beat that leads you to the end and make you wanna dance around the room. I may be just a simple listener, but that’s how I feel Scooter (not the only way of course, but one of them) and would like him to be – melodic yet powerful, unpredictable and developing but still with some influences from the past. ‘THIS IS MY WAY!’

And now back to the very new album. I am not going to write as much as some of you did, I just want to say that I am pretty disappointed and I see no point in finding some ‘good moments’. One of my friends said that he was pretty surprised (in negative way) too, but he was listening to TBMU while he was getting to work (and back home) and after those many (maaaaany) listenings it started to sound like okay to him. Maybe that’s the way it should be, but when I listen to (f.e.) TUAO more and more I just enjoy it more and more every time I hear it. And to listen to any of Scooter albums and just say that it is going to become ‘almost ok’, that is not what I’m looking for. And you know why? Because I really like Scooter and I’m really happy with their previous works that I can taste, no matter if it was realeased four, ten (oh yeah, that was it!) or fifteen years ago.

So if you like it – enjoy it. This second CD is pretty okay, I actually had lot of fun listening to it but it was also some kind of sad reminder of this noble past, and maybe even their way of saying: ‘Listen to all those singles cos those times will never return and we’re heading toward some, well.. different reality’. I hope I’m wrong!

ps. It is the first time that I enjoy first two singles (FT and TOO) more than the rest of the album. I was always saying to myself, that no matter what Scooter is going to release, I will be happy with at least two tracks: some mysterious intro and trance-killer at the end (it is not enough of course, but better than nothing that's for sure). This time i do not have goosebumps even with those two, maybe in couple of months I will discover whole album once again and I'll be happy with that, but for now on I am not ready to spread the good word about it. :|


In Rave We Trust!

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Freitag, 4. November 2011, 01:35

welcome to the forum devildrums
nice review, love the part on TUAO, nicely put, as i also consider this one to be a fine experimental album,
but i do recall hp saying LUT was his favourite from that album and hoped everyone else liked it as much as he did, and on this note, it was clear that scooter wanted to take a house route at some stage.

the new album is still so fresh at this time, but in time it will grow old and the final review will be in time to see how the album actually sits on me, and i suppose for other fans, after time it becomes the point where you can easily pick out the best and worst of a album