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Montag, 26. März 2012, 20:38

A real huge hit single is needed to get to the heavy rotation on TV. What was the last huge Scooter single? TQIWITQ?

But we really don't know whether Scooter used to pay VIVA to be on it or not. Now the band is mostly oriented towards the online.
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Start the match and find the station
Reach what you can and party the nation,
A? Hey! Whatcha gonna say?
I automate the sequence and speed for my getaway
Take it to the edge, there's nowhere to hide,
And call up the crew; let's go for a joyride!

Let's go for a joyride!


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Montag, 26. März 2012, 20:56

I've heard that some record companies pay for a good rotation, or atleast addition to the playlist. That's why one always gets much airplay for Rihanna and co on radio and TV, they are plugged bigtime. Not fair, and officially not really admitted, but it happens. Thats why we get some songs so much on TV or radio nowedays...
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Dienstag, 27. März 2012, 01:02

so it seems we may see another bad entry, shame really as this is a great tune and i'd say the best single to come form the album

again the promotion is the bad thing here, no promo no success

this is the one major thing scooter need to change if they wanna see a hit again, one top hit will bring the success with it again

however, its early days yet, we wont know for sure for another 2 weeks yet

also i have noticed on the DDP thast IAB has been in the chart for 9 weeks, so it looks like the original success from late last year is added, this is a good sign

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Dienstag, 27. März 2012, 02:21

Chart position means nothing. It's all about packing out the tours, the tickets sell well so Scooter are still doing well. :thumbsup:

For what it is worth, It's A Biz (single) is a glorious piece of work and without question a return to form.


Dienstag, 27. März 2012, 09:32

Scooter is a Band, who should not need Promo because auf the great Fans. But the Last Albums, starting with UTROTT, are just Rebuilds by other Hardstyle and Jumpstye//Dubstep Artists.

So. A LOT of Fans, i Kown a LOT! Doesnt support Scooter anymore...and now its not enough to Reach high Chart Positions, from the start.

Well, whats needed..? CONTEND....let us see the last singles...

- Friends Turbo...(Cheesy Produced, in that Speed not for the Usual ears ^^) And just in the collection of the "old" need to buy
- The Only One... EXtreeme Cheesy Produced, except the Hook, with NO highlight...lame need to buy
- David Doesnt eat...Rick said that, it was to early...there as no Commercial Backround for Dubstep. Exept that..well Produced..imo
- Cest Bleu...Backflip from Dubstep to Jumpstyle//hardstyle...good Idea..i think..but the Track is..just Bad at all! No one Buys a 0815 Single...whould you?
- Its A Biz...Cheesy produced like, The Only One....but with a better Hook...the "Rap part" is just...BÄH ^^ lives from the Hook..enough to buy...? NOPE ^^

So, in the Future, the MUSST come Back top making Music, and releasing Contend like Jadore Hardcore. Fresh sounds, nice Lyrics Good Hook (stolen) powerfull for 100%

All what this Band is doing, since Years is SELLING TICKETS, by the last HardCore Fans of Scooter..without new, good music....and Getting Money from RED BULL and other Comercial in their clips ^^

Back to Music Scooter or Scooter is... just a bit! <<<<CLICK!!!!! DO IT its MUSIC!!! <<< MY YT CHANNEL! with MORE!!




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Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 16:35


has a good Video !!
is a god Single yes !

but VIVA dosent show SCOOTER Videos at the time now I thing..

I dont think that one song goes at the next time in the TOP5" sorry
hope one time for top 10 again.


Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 17:03

If there's no support by a popular mainstream TV or radio station it's clear that almost each single fails these days.
The internet is becoming more and more important and it's the right thing that Scooter are increasing their work with facebook, youtube etc.,
but: as long as there are no broadly established "internet radio stations" (like that play Scooter songs/videos it will be very difficult to succeed with a single release because there is the following problem with the internet right now: Non-fans won't add Scooter to their facebook sites and non-fans won't search for Scooter on youtube. So you need the good old ways of promotion (VIVA, appearances in TV shows) to inform and attract the masses for your new releases and make them add you on facebook/make them search for your videos on youtube. If you have achieved this, promotion can be quite easy because with enough fans on facebook you can inform several 100.000 people on your new stuff with just one click.

With the help of the internet AND the traditional way of promotion and release policy the chart positions could look like that:
SOR - T30
TOO - T20
FT - T30
DDE - T30
CB - T20
IAB - T20

a top ten hit would have been difficult because the recent singles were no real bombs like "Hmitf?", "Weekend!", "T?" or "One", but they are all good enough for the top 30 or even the top 20 because they can easily compete with other T30/20-singles of the past like "Behind the Cow", "Lass uns tanzen" or "suavemente"


Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 17:29

It would have been better to see a row of top 20 and 30 singles since TSAMH, but they screwed up with release time/opportunities with TSAMH and SOR, and a massive lack of promo for FT, TOO, DDE and CB.
At least with IAB they did some effort, but not enough, it seems.
- moments lost and time remains -


a.k.a. Edgar ® ------------ "When I say E, you say Z"

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Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 17:52

At least with IAB they did some effort, but not enough, it seems.

Let's see, not all is lost yet. We have no trend chart positions and co, so maybe it will atleast do reasonable well. Fingers crossed! ;)
"You've got the choice. Jaguar, (MG)-Rover, Bentley, Royce!" :D


Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 18:07

No, it still haven't charted. Remains to see.
- moments lost and time remains -


Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 18:15

The only thing I don't get:
Release and promotion policy went nearly automatically throughout all those years - it was at no time as big as the policy that is done for big international acts like Madonna, Lady Gaga etc. but it was a smart and solid way of promotion that kept Scooter on the top in their "basic countries" (Germany, Austria, Belgium+the Netherlands, Eastern and Northern Europe) and sometimes even allowed them to beat the big artists in areas where Scooter are not that well-known (the Uk, Australia, Spain, Portugal). Further Scooter used the internet quite early (remember the mayspace-annpouncements ;) ).
But between the release of "Ti Sento"/"UTROTT" and "TSAMH" they seemed to start to experiment with their release and promotion policy without any necessarity and without any explanation.


a.k.a. Edgar ® ------------ "When I say E, you say Z"

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Wohnort: The Netherlands

Beruf: Building designer & CAD-drawer :)

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Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 18:51

True, Mr. Hyper ;) But the question is, is it because of the changed release policy or simply because Scooter are not considered "cool" anymore by the current generation, hence the succes downfall, and only the "old" fans remain with the band :S But on the other side, the concerts seem to sell enough tickets, so there is still animo for Scooter. Those 2 facts colide with eachother and make it all into a big mystery. Ok, with DDE it could have been the radical sound change that was to blame, but with TSAMH, or SOR, or even CB that cant really be the case, nor can it really be the case with IAB, because thats an excellent hybrid sound between the old and the new. So the question remains, what is the problem nowedays? :S
"You've got the choice. Jaguar, (MG)-Rover, Bentley, Royce!" :D


Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 19:44

TSAMH, SOR and CB were all more of the typical Scooter, but how the song is, and how the taste of people are, also plays an important role.
It doesn't help if the single has all the right elements + promotion to make a top 10 hit, if the majority of people doesn't like the song itself.
- moments lost and time remains -


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Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 21:15

Good promotion for IAB would of been announcements at the concerts, or even flyers (at the concert) just advertising when it was released.

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Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 01:22

Good promotion for IAB would of been announcements at the concerts, or even flyers (at the concert) just advertising when it was released.

True, there was NO PROMOTION for IAB at the concerts. I was in Hamburg and Essen and HP doesn't say anything to promote IAB. He could at least says that this is the new single and that all should download it on iTunes and Amazon. This is easy and costs nothing only some words ;) Fail again!
Scooter - Eine Band die sich immer verändert, aber trotzdem immer gleich bleibt!


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Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 01:29

sometimes it seems for me like the "bad promo" is tactics for them?!?!


Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 02:00

sometimes it seems for me like the "bad promo" is tactics for them?!?!

hahaha i think so too.


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Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 10:59

sometimes it seems for me like the "bad promo" is tactics for them?!?!
I do not really understand how you think it would be a tactical move by them? What would they gain by it? I would far rather say that Scooter & Kontor are becoming lazy to get information out to non Scooter fans. It seems to me that Scooter are happy with the fan base they have today. They do not seem to make as much effort to increase there fan base. HUM... Maybe I answered my own question there. :D


Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 13:50

When they played "It's A Biz" first time in Brno, HP DID say something like "This is our brand new single, out 23.3" So he promoted it there but I don't know why he didn't said anything in Hamburg.


a.k.a. Edgar ® ------------ "When I say E, you say Z"

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Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 18:47

sometimes it seems for me like the "bad promo" is tactics for them?!?!

It would be a very strange tactic, because what do they gain with that? Less succes? So why doing so on purpose? But than again, they always did the promo right and now not, so they know how it goes, but dont do it anymore that way. Or is it a sort of thing like The KLF did with burning 1.000.000 pounds, so in a way showing they make music they like and dont care if they earn more or less with it. It would be strange, but sometimes it seems the only plausible, although not very likely answer, to this strange way of promoting releases. But than again it seems simply not logical, so in the end, I still have no clue why they do so, and what the reason is. It's like a circle that goes round and round without a real answer why it goes like it goes and why they do like they do with promo and stuff.
"You've got the choice. Jaguar, (MG)-Rover, Bentley, Royce!" :D

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