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Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 08:13


01. Scobom X - "Rage by Degrees" (03:43)
02. MC909 - "On the Run" (05:03)
03. Alphazone - "Revelation" (First Wave Remix) (03:31)
04. City Rain - "Autumns Onset" (03:12)
05. GeeTeeAge vs. DJ Alex - "Heartchord the Transcore (Part 2)" (04:04)
06. Pianoslammer - "Night" (03:53)
07. Slug - "Electrosonic" (Original Mix) (06:17)
08. DNJ - "Prophecy" (03:56)
09. Massive Tudom - "Chase the Punani" (03:49)
10. Craig Sim - "Monumental Axis" (06:57)
11. Ice - "Forever" (05:50)
12. Tocho - "Push the Button for the next Track" (04:44)
13. DJ Baseline - "Be in the Zone (Tribute to Qlimax)" (05:47)
14. DjBeNNeTT - "Sound of my Dreams" (04:59)
15. DJ Flatline - "Remy Red" (04:10)
16. acid_bomb - "November" (03:39)

CD2 - Bonus Tracks & Hidden "Hands on Scooter Fanremixes"
01. H.T.J.V. - "K!" (Reworked) (10:25)
02. Stylefeeler - "Different Movement" (06:00)
03. Scooter - "Move your Ass!" (Bedroom Remix) (04:17)
04. Scooter - "Unity without Words" (Part 3PM Remix) (06:00)

DOWNLOAD (128 k/Bit , MP3)


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 08:14

I am downloading the 97.4MB RAR file :wink: I dont want my own track :lol:



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Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 08:46

Downloading now...


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 09:33


1. Scobom X - Rage by Degrees
I like the lead melody, its cruisy and not as in your face. A little bit too fast for me, but for this track, it suits it. Fast can be good, especially when mixed with some of those old Scooter happy hardcore tracks that are around the same tempo.

2. MC909 - On the Run
I can feel the power that this brings, I enjoy the relaxing filtering that is involved with the lead synth. I would've LOVED it if the fill-ins were a bit more longer with heaps of effects thrown in, but other than that I would probably buy this.

3. Alphazone - Revelation (First Wave Remix)
VERY good. This is the type of trance that I am into. The only thing I could say negative about it is to vary the structure of the track. You have the first fill in which is great, but if you did something different to the second to make it a bit more different, I would love it even more.

4. City Rain - Autumns Onset
The delays at the start are nice. I would throw more bass, more kick into those boom kicks though. The strings are relaxing, the chimes are aswell. This is really pleasant to the ear. The piano sounds at times gated and I like this.

5. GeeTeeAge vs. DJ Alex - Heartchord the Transcore (Part 2)
The crash with the bass drum goes well, you have harnessed this. The gated synth really reminds me of the 1st chapter tracks. The piano with its rave feel and then the bassdrum coming in works well together, I would master the signals of each channel a bit more though.

6. Pianoslammer - Night
The start really reminds me of Tiesto - Traffic, is it inspired from here? I have always liked this groan. It has a mysterious melody here, almost involved with something like The Pink Panther... I would like more effects with filters etc. involved, but I like the melody.

7. Slug - Electrosonic (Original Mix)
This baseline could easily be used in an Australian house track, with the Benni Benazzi feel. I like the piano trance involved, but the bass drum is a bit too hard for it I think? Hard to explain, but I really do like the overall feeling you get when listening to this track

8. DNJ - Prophecy
Ooo something a bit harder. The overall track at the start sounds like it could be equilised a bit more, its very "muddy" if you know what I mean. That synth that starts at about 0:30 is nice, but I like the synth that comes later even more.

9. Massive Tudom - Chase the Punani
Interesting beginning. I think maybe the start is a bit long, but it comes in alot harder so it's worth it. I would change the notes of the bassline to the melody, but I like the synth.

10. Craig Sim - Monumental Axis
These almost sound like drums but remind me of rain. Then the bass drum comes in and gives a wicked effect to those starting drums. The arp works really well with this track, my favourite part has to be those starting drum things.

11. Ice - Forever
The start is interesting, sounds like rain also, then a chime, then a relaxing melody, but with a feel of anger or darkness to it. As the track progresses I like the beat with the bass drum in it because of its feel. Its hard to explain. Reminds me of Evanesence and this is a compliment.

12. Tocho - Push the Button for the Next Track
Strings are great, I would like more bass in them though. Then the beat comes in, cancelling out the strings with the arp. The drum fills are catchy. Then the track slows down. I like the acidy sound that randomly appears. The fill in here is great also.

13. DJ Baseline - Be in the Zone (Tribute to Qlimax)
I am familiar with this event and sample, so this helps, FINALLY SOME HARDSTYLE!!! More bass please heheh. The synth I would distort a bit more, but when the bassline/bassdrum comes in this is perfect. The Qlimax oath thing worked really well!!!

14. DJ BeNNeTT
I have this sample, its very distorted here for some reason. The bass vibrates my desk which I like lol. A bit more variation in the track I would like, the fill is very interesting, out of beat but I think I like it. Kate is a great singer of course!!! (I think her name is Kate...)

15. DJ Flatline - Remy Red
EVIL VOICE!!! I like it lol. This is a great track to dance to I think, the beat just makes you want to dance. WOW alot of bass... I would turn that down slightly and master. But I really like the beat at the start.

16. Acid Bomb - November
Erm, this is the first of this style I have ever heard. I cant hear much, so much distortion, so I don't know what to say about it lol. I like its difference though. (Is that the sound or a rainforest???)

1. H.T.J.V. - K! (Reworked)
I think I must say that this track is too long for my liking, but for mixing, length is best so that cancels it out. The bass drum is very in your face, which I like. The break should be a bit longer but the strings work. Maybe filter that bass drum?

2. Stylefeeler - Different Movement
I like the start fill-in, the synth is good, and the beat of the background synth reminds me of a phone signal going through a speaker (for some reason...) I like the synth. The was a part that was a bit too loud, maybe mastering this bit, and giving the clap/snare some effects.

3. Scooter - Move Your Ass! (Bedroom Remix)
The start comes in really well. I would've liked some "MOVE YOUR ASS!" samples, this would really set the scene. A bit more variation in the start and end part of the track maybe?

4. Scooter - Unity Without Words (Part 3PM Remix)
Well I mainly decided to put this on the package because it's house, and none of you would have done house. So I represent my country distinctly because of its house music, which dominates the music industry. I would've liked to change that evil crash fill thing!!!

I am VERY impressed by the quality of work that has been submitted for this package, AND I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE!!!

EDIT: Half of my reviews were cut off... So I retyped!!!

Dave From Sheffield

Volvo. A car you can believe in.

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Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 11:58

Great tracks all! I might write a review at some point if i have time. :)
By the way, looking forward to Episode 02. 8)
-the only and official finnish Scooter fansite incl. the biggest Scooter-collection in Finland-




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 13:43

starting to write my preview. ill rate tracks in the scale from 1 to 10(amateur wise, because only scooter deserves 10 in the real scale :lol: )


good motion and dynamics, transponation creates a good feel. sounds a little synthetic, i can recognise half of the vanguard vst presets here :) i use it alot :D. melody is pleasant. i like the dist kick adiitions. the beat pumps well.


i like good ride hat :) bass pumps great minute after the start! trancey feeling in synths and great breaks with good automations and melody. when the main part begins a crash is missed...
so far tracks are good quality!

alphazone(greatest trance duo) and first wave is a great combination. first wave impressed me since hands on scooter. breakdown sounds like scooter - faster harder scooter(signum mix), really trancey. the BD is good, bass not that good, compared to alphazone, but hey, alphazone work in a giga studio :)



this track reminds me Scooter - Suffix. good idea and performance, works relaxing. i think synths are more synthetic, than they should have been. when the beat begins, it sounds like it needs better mastering, snare drum is quieter than BD. the piano part finishes it really good.



im not gonna comment my own track, im just gonna say i hope you like it :)

begins like DJ Tiesto - Lethal industry
interesting rim shot and clap. oh, a ripped melody( i think). i cant remember the original track, but its catchy. 6/8 beat, interesting track, most of the synths are with low pass filter applyed and more closed than opened cutoff knob. nice automations :)


a fresh and clear sounding trance track, maybe it needs some channel levels corrections. 303 is not the best available, but we all know the only good 303 can be achieved by using a hardware one. i dont like the idea of using it as a main lead. in 3:25 begins a classy trance sunth that raises the coolness of the song. pads-need some cutting in low frequences and lower level.


begins with old and overused sample :(
there is something wrong with the bd or bass, i dont know what. sounds like vanguard vst in break. when the ''main'' part begins, melody is trancey and has some additions which make it sound good. snare drum has a strange eq settings and its interesting. the second part of the song is really fammiliar to me, i think the melody is taken from a tutorial song or something old, cant remember. good trancey stuff.
some pizzicato strings playing in background :)



too simple begining for 3 minutes 2006 track. maybe 10 years ago it would be normal to start a track like that. the a fammiliar sample pack sample starts and a really loud trance synth. a hardcore kick and bass sample makes things harder but doesnt help it. if you chase the punany with that song, you aint gonna catch it :lol: author needs one more year of practise :( sorry



its a good idea to start with percussions, but make them sound more natural, using different cutoff frequensy and humanize levels for each shot. beat and bass are nice and smooth. it reminds me a little bit of Jigga jigga(clubmix).the whole piece of song is trancey and relaxing, synths need to be louder in the main part. 7 minutes are a little bit much for that.



this starts with albino vst's first preset in a nice relaxing and complicated melody and mellow percussions a bit better than the ones in the previous track. hey i recognised the melody-its scooter - level one, but it has big changes. the track needs more clearity in high frequences. the best thing about it is a great piano melody with great sound and delay! nice tune.



pads melody is sooo nice. and sound is good too. reminds me something itallian. dunno why. levels should be corrected, beat is interesting. rim shots can be removed and it would be better. the track has interesting structure of ups and downs, some trance, some rave and some chill out moves. fl's speech engine destroys it at some point :( i think its very important for every FL user to know: dont use FL's native generators! id love to remix this track, pads melody is great.


interesting vocal sample rearranging and slicing with a hard beat underneath it. hats could be louder and clearer. i feel it needs mastering for better sound. now i hear some pops. main synth is too loud and hats-quiet. maybe the author has a bad speakers he uses. the whole track sounds a little like Scooter - The Night(Langenhagen remix). so many changes in the melody arent needed, maybe more synths in different melodies could bring more variety.



i remember this track. it was one of the first ones i heard when i joined this forum. it has a pleasant vocal sample, but sound can be better, crowd noise is obviusly fake, but if you mix it better with many other crowd samples and make it quieter, it wont be that obvious. main synth has a bed reverbation preset and the melody is too complicated and a little childish. the whole track is a 3 times repeated structure, which is unnececarry long.



this crowd sounds better than the previous one. this track is some kind of hardcore or gabber, i can say its interesting and vocals bring good feeling mixed with the harder parts. the begining with the acoustic drums is longer than needed and that made a bad impression.



whats this noise :lol: idm or strange gabber track?
the closest thing that comes to my head is Noisekick's sound. its a basically fuck-around-with-samples-parameters track, and its done interesting. bad thing about it is not many people can stand this kind of music.



hats loop is unnecesarry long. i hear a sync lead playing the role of bass. interesting. there are some changes in the bass, in the kicksamples and in leads, which might be found as interesting by some people. in the second half you can hear an airwave-like deep synth pads, they sound nice. the track sounds like a mixture between other 2 or 3 tracks, could be much better with the length of 5-6 minutes.



more practise is needed by this author. nice ideas and melodies but bad performance. too long for its content.



its really nice, its relaxing and its better than some of the "Move your ass the remixes" cd mixes.
main lead is good and variable.



its interesting and percussions are good. doest sound bad but it could sound better. it has the unity without words feeling.


sorry for my bad english




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:07

really nice songs this time, keep it up.

first post, yay ;>




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:12

first wave, tell me about the software u use




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:18

Zitat von »"geeteeage"«

first wave, tell me about the software u use

Mixed, mastered and sequenced in Reason 3.0. One of the most powerfull softwares out there if you ask me. Drums are from VEC2 :)


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:40

Reason 3 alone is not that good. It's better when you have a different sequencer and just rewire everything into it. I have Reason right now and I want more, I don't like it by itself. I would have had a lot more too if Absynth 3 and Cubase 3 SX would have run on the Intel Macs. See if I ever buy Steinberg products again.

I'll review it later this afternoon. ;)

- Wil




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:45

Im so used to the Reason sequencer and it fit's me perfectly, I tried Cubase but it's just not my cup of tea. Imo you should use whatever software you feel most comfortable with, most of them are good enough to make professional music in.


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:49

This is very true. Reason 3 just seems really locked in to me, I want to use more synths than what it has and therefore, I need a new sequencer to do it in and more synths to use. More money, more confusing, but also more possibilities and more in-depth.

- Wil

P.S. I'll have a track ready for the next one. ;)


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 14:58

Downloading and I will review these after couple listens. Just like I did with fanremixes.
Waiting for albums from Way Out West, Sasha, Second Sun, Airwave, BT, Quivver, Pendulum, Solarstone, Röyksopp and Massive Attack




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 15:12

Zitat von »"Wil Piotraschke"«

This is very true. Reason 3 just seems really locked in to me, I want to use more synths than what it has and therefore, I need a new sequencer to do it in and more synths to use. More money, more confusing, but also more possibilities and more in-depth.

The ReWire function is just great, sometimes I wanna use my Novation Nova with Cubase rewired to Reason. Works great, no lag. Tho I feel with the Combinator in R3 the capabilities are huge, since I got R3 I didn't use any other synths than the ones in Reason due to the amazing setups you can make in the Combinator. Would love to have VST support in the next version anyways tho :D

This is abit off-topic tho, apologize for that :)




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 15:19

Thanks for your kind words everyone!


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 15:37

Thank you for your words about the track :D
I will write a review as soon as the .rar is downloaded (i'm @ work for the moment )


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 16:12

I'm downloading it...


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 17:19

guys thanks for all your great words this really keeps me going!

and geeteeage, i think you are a bit hard to most of us have to think about it that we are all 'just' amateurs who are making music for fun...this it not a complaint or something...but just think about it :wink: thanks anyway for writing such a big review! :D

And Rotty, big respect to you for organizing this great project and also for another WICKED front and back cover!! you rule too 8)




Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 18:55

no pain no gain ;) critisism is the most important thing for a producer who wants to develope himslef. for example i hate it when someone says my track is nice, cause its not, but when someone says ''thats not good, change is'' that helpful!


Montag, 23. Oktober 2006, 19:09

i completely agree with you there! serious! but we also must not demotivate people to create new stuff :wink:

my first impression btw when i listened a bit to the songs:
i ám impressed of the quality of the songs! it's so good to hear songs from people who came here in the last 1,5 year and that they improved so good! great job guys!!!