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    a.k.a. Edgar ® ------------ "When I say E, you say Z"

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Über mich

  • I started to be a fan with FIRE, I was listening to the German radio station back in 1997 and suddenly 3 guys announced their new single, so I got interested, because I always liked to hear new music.... and than the FIRE track started and I was immediately hooked on the track and couldn't get it out of my head. I decided to listen more often to that station in the hope to hear more tracks of that band called Scooter..... and so I did, and I heared more and more tunesfrom Scooter that I liked, so in 1997 bought myself my first 2 Scooter albums: "Wicked" and "The Age Of Love". The first Scooter single I bought was "No Fate" .... and from that day I bought everything of this mega cool band I could get my hands on !

    I'm already very very long member of the official Scooter forum. In 2000 I joined the previous official forum as Scooterworld2000 and made my first fansite. In januari 2004 I registred on the new forum as Scooterworld. Between 2005 & 2007 I wasn't active on the forum due to some personal problems and due to much work with my studies etc.... so I read it, but didn't post anything. In the autumn of 2007 I started posting again, because I was awaiting the announcing of the album name on the official I thought, let's check the forum and wait together with the others, so I did that. From that day I started posting regularry again on the forum, and still am very active.

    I love this place and the special friends I've made here. Some I have seen on concerts and some only digitally, but I have very good contact with them ;)

    The forum and the kind fans finally convinced me to get to see Scooter live, so in march 2008 I attended my first Scooter concert ever. It was the concert in Hamburg. I got the concert virus there and now go to concerts whenever I can ;)

    I've been to the:

    2008 concert in Hamburg, the 2008 Open-Air in Berlin, the 2008 concert in Bielefeld, the 2009 Open-Air in Braunschweig,the biggest best concert ever in Hamburg 2010, the concert in Leipzig 2010, the Open-Air festival in Bispingen 2010, the Berlin IFA Sommergarten Open-air in 2010, the concert in Bremen 2010 X-mas tour, the concert in Stuttgart 2010 X-mas tour, the huge The Stadium Techno Inferno concert in Hamburg 2011, on the Scooter gig on the Fridge Festival in Budapest (Hungary) 2011, the TBMU concert in Kempten 2012, the TBMU concert in Munich 2012, the TBMU concert in Berlin 2012, the 2012 Budapest (H) concert on the Unique Festival, the Scooter concert on the 2013 Hegyalja Fesztivál in Hungary, the 2013 Scooter set on "Münchener Sommernachtstraum" in the Olympia Park Munich, the 19-1-2014 concert in BREMEN, the 21-1-2014 concert in FRANKFURT, the 23-1-2014 concert in DORTMUND, the 24-1-2014 concert in HAMBURG, the 4-6-2014 concert in Szeged Hungary! The concert on Budapest Park 2014 Hungary. The festival gig on We Love The 90s in Antwerp Belgium on 4-4-2015. The Scooter concert in Budapest Park, 16-5-2015. The Scooter concert in BRNO (CZ) 14-11-2015. The CSTH'Tour concerts in Berlin and Hamburg 3-2016. The open-air concert in Budapest Park 4-2016. The concert in Budweis (CZ) on 11-6-2016, the concert in Karlsbad (CZ) 12-2016. The set on the 90s festival in Den Bosch (NL) on 1april 2017 and the concert in Budapest Park (H) on 27-5-2017 :)
"You've got the choice. Jaguar, (MG)-Rover, Bentley, Royce!" :D

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