Start the war
‘Cause we are on the floor
It’s never seen before
Army of Hardcore
Start the war (Hey! Hey!)
On the floor (Hey! Hey!)
Shut the door (Hey! Hey!)
Army of Hardcore
Start the war (Hey! Hey!)
Hit the floor (Hey! Hey!)
We need more (Hey! Hey!)
Army of Hardcore
The crown’s a breaky mine
I spit fire every line
So don’t waste no time
You win one, you lose two
Head’s on, screw’s loose
Rough and raw, come on
We are proud (Hey! Hey!)
You’re the crowd (Hey! Hey!)
Need it loud (Hey! Hey!)
Army of Hardcore
If you gonna make me start
I get poppin’ like a tart
I start spitting more bars
You win one, lose two
Bottoms up, grey goose
We’re breaking the law, so come on!