Hey Scooter! It’s nice to be important
But it’s more important to be nice, jonge!
Skip the intro
Joah skip the intro jonge
Joah, move your hands, aaah!
We got the turbo!
One – two, one two three four
We’re gonna hit you harder!
Come on, come on, Yeah!
Chicks in motion, across the ocean
We start the party, now come on everybody, yeah!
We’ll be friends
We’ll be friends
We’ll be friends
Tuurlijk jonge!
Oh oh oh, Hoho! Turbo!
Respect to the man in the icecream van
Come on, come on
Give it up now, Speed it up now
Give it up now, Yes
No more coffee, just have a beer
Du bleibst von meinem Bier weg
We like to party, that’s why I’m here
Scooter? Yeah!
Can you tell me
How do I get off the bus?
Right? Ein zwei drei!
To the beat now
One, two, three, four!
Skip the outro!