Always lived my life alone
Been searchin’ for the place called home
I know that I’d been cold as ice
Ignore the dreams, too many lies
Somewhere deep inside
Somewhere deep inside me
I found the child I used to be
And I know that it’s not too late, never too late
3 A.M. The painted cow! Yeeeaaah!
You ain’t stoppin’ us now
Yeah, I am the junglist souljah
Come on, the rocket launcher stomped ya
It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane
It must be Dave who’s on the train
Wanna wanna getcha, gonna gonna getcha
Tell them that I told ya
Are you ready, it’s not a game
I chant so much, I turn you insane
Wanna wanna getcha, gonna gonna getcha
Mashing up the area, yeah!
Come on!
I am the freshman
Mashing up the jam
Turning up the stereo
Join the caravan!
Skippy, the rain won’t come!