Alright crew! Scooter in da house
Coming up with the incredible, the legendary Status Quo!
Whatever you want, whatever you like,
Whatever you say, you pay your money, you take your choice
Whatever you need, whatever you use
Whatever you win, whatever you lose
Stop, start here we go again
‘Pon the mic I’m the luckiest man
Gonna get, gonna make your body sweat
Check my lyrical set and you will never forget
I’m the hardcore titan, a legend in time
Gonna rock to the rhythm with da lyrical rhyme
On the microphone, like a nuclear attack
Flashback, going mad like the DJs on the decks
My name is MC sauce, rebel without a cause
I’m the king of slips, you better move your hips
Riggedy riggedy rough, Riggedy rough, can’t get enough
Riggedy riggedy rough, coming hard and tough
Let me see your hands!
This is Michael, Rick and Rick
Francis and the screaming lord
Come on!
Jump on it, jump, jump – I want you to scream
Jump on it, jump, jump – I’m the lyrical machine
Yeah, yeah, yeah – I want you to shout
Watch out!
Right Now! Yeah!