Spittinґ out lyrics since the day I was born
The amount of lyrics I got is against the norm
How many girls have I got on call waiting?
About ten – bare man’s hating!
I got a key, I’m gonna lock it
One, two, three, I never drop it
I ain’t gonna finish, I never stop it
I’m the lyrical, miracle rap rocket. Yeah!
Suavemente, besame
Que quiero sentir tus labios
Besandome otra vez
MCing’s what I’m doing and a battle of wits
All the lyrics that I spit are gonna rip you to bits
I’m gonna run down till my lungs drown
Battle in a tongue wore my thumbs down
Yeah! C’mon! Yiiiaaah! Give it up!
Whenever people agree with me
I always feel I must be wrong
Ha! Hola, una cerveza!
Una cerveza!
La bamba discotheca!