Las Rocas donde siempre ibamas! Maсana.
Start it right!
Keep it up!
Yeah, I used to say, when we were starting up
Now I represent, it‘s still the busy job
Ready to explore and check the microphone
Now back on the floor, I want to see you soon
Rockin‘ the business, so come on and check this
Get up tonight, we gonna make it right
Yes, call me Maсana! Maсana.
Get up!
Yeah, I’ve got some lyrics, some lyrics for ya
Now I represent, since the day I saw ya
Yes, I am the man behind the mic
Live and direct into your mind
Yeah, so call me Maсana!
Get up!
Push the beat for this jam!
We have a question!
Is anybody out there?
I wanna see yaaa!
Clap your hands!
Push the beat for this jam!
Aaah! Yeeeaaah!
One more time! Aah!
Get up!
Come on!