I am the horseman
I’m mentally mad
I am a super sharp shooter
Sittin’ on a roof top
My name is MC H, I got the big breaks
And the bass – one, two, check
It’s a mixture ruff to the core
Through the texture
Come and get a taste of the fixture
Yea-ea-ea-ah, yea-eah, I feel hardcore
Yea-ea-ea-ah, yea-eah, always hardcore
Want a lyrical sex
Ice, the platinum tech
With a minute in the game
When discover my necks, you don’t fret
Me and my crew, we are too H.O.T.
Any crew out there or any MC
Rippin’ up the B you want H.A.T.E.
Jealousy won’t get you nowhere, I’m H.P.
Alright! One world, one people!
In da conference: MC MC no diggity H!