Alright! To all the chicks, we are in the mix!
Now it’s a biz, yeah!
Captured effortlesly, that’s the way it was
It happens so naturely, I did not know it was love
The next thing I felt was you, holding me close
What was I gonna do, I let myself go
And now we fly through the stars
Want this night will last forever.
Ding ding, when I spit it’s frightening
My words – quicker than lightning
Ready for the challenge, no doubt
If you play this, play it loud
Got another brand new one to spin
When I say e you say z
This tune’s banging on the M.I.C.
It’s me and this is the place to be
Chattin’ ‘pon the mic
I’m gonna flex, simply the best
Mix it down, sweep the mids
Make it phat, now it’s a biz!
Ain’t nobody, loves me better
Makes me happy, makes me feel this way
Ain’t nobody, loves me better than you
To all the chicks: Now it’s a biz! Yeah!
So who do you think you are?
You will never ever get that far
Listen to the bootleg mp3
Post it on my FTP
Tick, tock, bodyrock
Lyrical bomb, everybody tuned in. Yeah!
Got another brand new one to spin
Chattin’ ‘pon the mic, it’s like this